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yinka cowrywise safe secure review
Adigun Olayinka

There are no words to describe how excited I am about Cowrywise helping me do better with disciplined savings, and also making it possible for me to save without interest. The option of automated halal savings sealed the deal for me.

My savings plan, at the beginning, was to get a kolo (traditional box). After three weeks, I broke it to have a Shawarma treat. Discipline was absent with the kolo. With Cowrywise, the story is entirely different.

cowrywise legit safe ore
Oreoluwa Macaulay

Cowrywise has helped me be more disciplined with my money. Any loose change or money not budgeted for goes straight into my Cowrywise account. The availability of a phone app makes it easier to manage my money and track my progress which is totally motivating.

d angel cowrywise savings investments
Dipo Angel

My experience with Cowrywise in line with my goals has been so far amazing in terms of helping me to know how much to save monthly/weekly to meet my goals target. It feels good knowing my money is been saved and yielding interest as well and not just held up in my bank account falling victim of the schemes of banks. Thank you Cowrywise.

o akinola save online
Odeniyi Akinola

It's been good so far. It has really helped in my saving discipline as it is deducted from source without me taking the pain of going to bank or going around with cash. Very cool.

kechi cowrywise secure investment

I love that I see the daily compounded interest. I also love the simple interface. The blue colour is definitely a hit!

b kevin safe investment cowrywise
Bobmanuel Kelvin

My experience with Cowrywise has been smooth so far. I like the prompt response that I received when I made a complain even though I did not fully understand. Nonetheless it’s a been a good experience thus far and I’d recommend the service to anyone.

tafade cowrywise best savings platform
Omolola Tofade

My experience with CowryWise has been awesome, with CowryWise I started my save more less buying campaign. I get to save money unconsciously.

ore investment opportunities nigeria
Oreoluwa Macaulay

"Growing up, I learnt a lot on budgeting from my dad. Despite this, due to some unavoidable ignorance, I still struggled with dominating my finances as a young adult. Thanks to timely and helpful articles from Ope (of Cowrywise), I am currently planning better towards owning a business and going on a dream vacation."

Ope (from Cowrywise) delivers timely and helpful articles that have assisted me with dominating my finances.

ahiamadu cowrywise investment plan
Victoria Ahiamadu

My experience with Cowrywise has been splendid, I must say. It has been stress-free and what I liked the most about it was the fact that I was able to open the account and start saving right from my bed, not having to go to my bank or all of that.

muwadia save online
Michael Uwadia

This is a great platform that has enabled me set financial targets for myself and actually helped me work to achieve them. The interest rates are the most attractive features which is awesome compared to banks and I would gladly recommend anyone to jump on this opportunity.

chiamaka online savings cowrywise
Chiamaka Abaezie

Cowrywise has been a useful tool on my journey to savings and the only unfaithfulness in the relationship so far has come from me

Chibuzor Obilom
Chibuzor Obilom

Since I started using CowryWise, my savings have improved. CowryWise is so convenient to use that I no longer bother about making efforts to save. Everything is automated. Withdrawal is easy too. They have the best Saving Plans.

opeyemi how to save cowrywise

Its been a beautiful experience, the major attaction is the saving interest which is more than that of a regular savings account. I have been able to actually take my mind off the amount I put in to be saved compared to when it was in my regular savings account as I believe my money is actually sitting somewhere and working for me.

obinna savings app nigeria
Obinna Onuoha

My experience has been motivating! I'm so happy to see the progress I'm making as I save. Still a way to go in reaching my financial goals, but consistency is key.