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With impressive interest rates, an app, tools & guides, Cowrywise is the smartest way to plan, save & invest.

Leverage tools for your financial freedom

Use Cowrywise to plan towards your dream home, kid's education and travel the world.


Create multiple savings plans

Earn better interest rates than your bank

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Mutual Funds

Play the long-term game

Invest in diverse and quality mutual funds with any amount

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Your secure digital wallet

Send and receive cash in seconds for free. You only need their username.

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Save with friends

Stay motivated and have fun saving with friends and family

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Emergency Fund

Save for the rainy day

Build a safety net for unexpected expenses

Create your emergency plan
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US Stocks and bonds (Coming soon)

Grow your global portfolio

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Start building wealth in 5 minutes

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Sign up for an account with your name, email and phone number.

Add a payment method

Using your debit card, bank account, USSD, QR Code, setup your first plan.

Watch your money grow

Sit back, relax & let your money work for you all day, everyday.

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Your money is well protected

Bank-grade Security

Our payment processors are PCIDSS compliant to ensure optimum security of your data electronically.

Best-In-Class Investments

We invest in low risk fixed income securities which include treasury bills, government bonds, and professionally managed mutual funds.

Asset Under Secure Watch

We invest your savings in low risk financial instruments held on behalf of our customers by Meristem Trustees, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Annual Fees?Nah.
Saving Charges?Nope.
Great Interest Rates?Confam.
Maintenance Fees?No.
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“I used to feel too young to start setting money aside, with Cowrywise I have realized it is never too early to get started with your savings. Cowrywise is my coping mechanism to build up for an independent life.“

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