Build wealth according
to your values

Join 33,000+ Muslims who trust us to identify, manage and grow their wealth in halal-compliant investments.

Even your money is living out your faith!

With a Halal account, all your financial decisions are in line with Islamic values.

  • Riba-free savings.

  • Shariah-compliant investments.

  • Grow money with a clear conscience.

Carefully Curated Investment Options

Just like you, your money will be invested in assets (FMCG, Real estate and other Sharia-compliant assets) that add value to other people.

Non-interest bearing
  • Sharia-compliant stocks

    Shariah-compliant equities in the Nigerian market.

  • Sukuk

    Sukuk provides diversification to help reduce volatility and overall portfolio risk.

  • Non-interest bearing assets

    Includes assets such as cash and mudarabah contracts to help manage risk in your portfolio.

You'll still get to enjoy all the amazing benefits we offer

Automated savings and investments

Build wealth consistently by automating periodic savings and investments.


A clear and detailed view into your daily earnings.

Auto re-invest

Automatically reinvest any paid out dividends.

Join Circles

Save interest-free with your Muslim and non-muslim friends.

Measure your financial fitness

Hit milestones, earn badges and improve your money health.

Access to all other features

You still have access to all other Cowrywise features and products, such as Emergency plan, Money Duo and so much more.

Keeping your money
safe is our business.

Trust is our currency. We are committed to the security of your money and the protection of your account.

Literally switch to Halal-compliant finance

Go to your profile settings.
Tap on the Behaviour tab.
Turn on the Halal switch.
investment in nigeria cowrywise testimonial

“As a muslim, investing used to be a chore because it was difficult to find investments that align with my faith. I had to filter through a number of questionable investments so I’m not compromising on my beliefs. With halal on Cowrywise, a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulder, all savings and investment options are halal-compliant.“

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Still need clarification?

Who is a Halal account built for?

Halal accounts are built for Muslim faithfuls to provide investment options that align with their faith and core beliefs

What kind of assets will my money be invested in?

Your funds are invested strictly in sharia-compliant and ethical assets

What is the difference between the halal accounts and the regular account?

Regular accounts earn interest on savings and invest in all types of assets. Halal accounts do not earn any interest on savings and invest in sharia-compliant assets.

What is the difference between between interest and returns?

In short, interest is income that lenders make on loans, whereas profit is the net result of a company's income

What happens to my interest when I switch to Halal?

You can either choose to forfeit any accrued profit, or keep it when you switch to Halal. The choice is yours.

Can I switch my account back to a regular account?

Yes, you can do this anytime from your profile. However, forfeited interest/returns can not be recovered.

I have more questions, how do I get in touch?

We’d be more than happy to answer whatever questions you have and provide you with the needed support. Simply send an email to and a member of our team will be in touch.