Money Chronicles: How I Got To Save For My Business

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Money Chronicles showcase the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. We share a story on the 17th of every month. This month’s feature shows how Ezekiel went from begging online to making a resolve to save for a business.

Most people are not taught to save money and invest in their formative years. It can therefore be hard to learn good money habits as an adult.

Cowrywise exists to present a low barrier to entry for anyone to start saving and investing. It doesn’t matter if you just started university, are about to round off your NYSC like Ezekiel, preparing for your next baby, or planning for a business that will be your main source of livelihood. This is the Cowrywise advantage–growing at your pace.

Every month, we will share stories on users who have leveraged Cowrywise to grow their money. Our hope is that these will inspire you to get on the right side of money.

Today, we have the story of Ezekiel; who used Cowrywise to save up to start his business .

Meet Ezekiel.

Hey superstar! Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Oroniyi Ezekiel. I schooled at Osun State Polytechnic and served in Yola in 2018 before relocating to Minna in 2019.

Please, share some context. Why ask for money online?

Last year, I got on Twitter and saw how people were giving out money. I wasn’t sure what prompted all of the “awoof”, but I decided to try if anyone will send me money too. This turned me into a digital beggar and I started begging from one handle to the next. I wasn’t doing it for the fun of it but actually wanted to buy a Direct Image machine and set up a computer business.

Interesting! So when did things change?

I kept retweeting with all my energy but never got anyone to give me money. It got so bad that someone on Twitter called me “Bambiala”. That word pained me so much, but it ended up being a form of reset for me. Coincidentally, in the same period, I discovered Cowrywise.

What prompted you to start saving on Cowrywise?

The next day after I was called “Bambiala”, a lady replied a tweet and thanked Cowrywise for helping her with her money habits. Her handle is @The_Ebira_girl.

That interested me so I asked her how your platform works and immediately joined your telegram group. I made more enquiries and decided to save for my business (at least ₦5000 ) weekly.

Ayeee! We love people that take action but sticking to a plan can be hard. How were you able to stick to your goal?

It was not easy because I didn’t particularly have a stable income but I did it! The fact that Cowrywise also has strict savings plans helped me stay disciplined. I wasn’t able to break my plan till its maturity date. That way, I was compelled to stick to it and I am proud of that accomplishment. I have saved enough to set up the first phase of my business–a printing press.

I have realized that a kobo can become a thousand and a thousand can turn to a million with a savings plan.

So good! Why did you choose to save for a printing press business?

I worked as a teacher when I stumbled on a printer who made report cards. He looked like he would always have customers because people needed to print around us. I negotiated a part-time internship and he agreed. It was from my little side printing jobs I got money to save each week.

We know this isn’t the end so what’s next for you?

I am going to set up a mini-power plant with my next savings. I have realized that a kobo can become a thousand and a thousand can turn to a million with a savings plan. Thank you, Cowrywise!

Awoof – freebies
Bambiala – beggar

You too can become our star saver in a few months. All it takes is your decision backed up with action and Cowrywise is here to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

If you also have future responsibilities that you will like to save towards, a Cowrywise account will help make that process easy! Also, you get to choose investment plans that suit your lifestyle. Get your money working today.

Got a story to share? Send us a DM here.

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