Money Chronicles: Choosing a One Year Savings Plan Taught Me Discipline

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Money Chronicles showcase the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. We share a story on the 17th of every month. This month, the spotlight is on Shaba. She shares how starting with life goals (a one year savings plan on Cowrywise) taught her how to stay disciplined. If you’ve been struggling to stick to or achieve your savings plans, then a life goal is perfect for you as well. 😉 Read this for some inspiration on how to get started.

Hi, Hi! What’s your name and what do you do?

I’m Shaba Shalom and I’m a final year student of literature at OAU. Great Ife! Greatest of the greatest…

Ok, ok, let me behave. 😂

🌚 Behave oh. Lol! Please, share your Cowrywise story. How did you find out about the app?

A family friend in Lagos was always posting his mails from Ope on his status so I found out about the app from there.

Wow, shout out to your family friend! 🎉 Did you have any objections before signing up though?

I had objections o, I wasn’t sure where my money would be going and I wasn’t so tech savvy then as well. I had objections with keeping my money in a virtual “kolo”. Thank God for exposure and growth though!

Interesting. So how and when did your objections clear?

My friend had to send me a voice note to convince me and I gave it a trial and started with life goals savings (Cowrywise’s long-term savings plans for life’s important goals with a minimum timeline of 1 year). 

Shout out to your friend too! 🎉 What has changed since you started using Cowrywise?

My outlook on finances in general has changed. I save better and definitely plan better.

Any advice for someone who still has objections?

Mahn, join the train and open your Cowrywise account oh! There’s nothing like knowing you have money somewhere that’s safe. Plus, Cowrywise is an amazing and user friendly app.

Thank you. ☺️ You chose life goals savings plan, which is a plan that’s locked for a whole year! Why though? 

Prior to my savings plan, I’ve never been much of a saver. Growing up, my sisters would save while I spent all my money. I knew that I needed to take a drastic action to ensure that I reached my savings goal for the year so that one year locked plan was definitely the best for me. 

What did saving for that long (for the first time) teach you about your finances?

So much!

I learnt how to budget and stick to it. I learnt how to spend within my means and also how not to give people money, just because they ask. Knowing that I didn’t have access to the money stopped me from spending it anyway.

What is your best Cowrywise feature and why?  

It definitely has to be the life goals savings plan and knowing I can’t shift my maturity date forward. I have to be disciplined. 😅

Yes to discipline! ☺️ Share that one thing (or things) that you never mind splurging on and why?

Books (novels and journals) and ice cream. 🍦

“Gelato”! 😂 What’s the most absurd thing you’ve spent money on lately?

 I’m not proud of it but it’s small chops o. 😹

Ahh. Small chops investor! 🙌🏽 What’s your top money lesson since you became an adult?

Budgeting and living within your means are important. Don’t spend on what you clearly can’t afford just because you want to fit in. 

Is adulting a scam or you’re from another planet? 

I think it’s a scam oh. I’m not sure I expected it to be different though. 😩

One thing you’d do right now if you had all the money you wanted?

 Publish my book then take a vacation. 🏖

Any good money lessons learnt from your parents that you now imbibe?

I think I’ve learnt to treat myself once in a while from my dad. I can’t go and come and go and kill myself, it is kuku one life. 😎

Any suggestions for the Cowrywise team?

None actually. You guys are doing amazing!

Thank you so much, Shaba!

Thank you too!

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