Money Chronicles: How My Friend and I Started A Savings Challenge For Vacation

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Money Chronicles showcase the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. We share a story on the 17th of every month. This month’s feature shows how Damilola and her friend started saving money on Cowrywise for a trip outside the country. You and your friends can also use Cowrywise to meet your travel and lifestyle goals.

Saving money for the leisures of life can be just as important as saving money for other types of goals.

We are all fueled by different things and indulging in fun activities that matter to you can help you live a full and fulfulling life.

Cowrywise helps you to manage and grow your money so that you can do the things that revive and fuel you.🛫

Today, Damilola shares how she and her friend used Cowrywise to save up in order to travel to Kenya. Although Covid happened and restricted travel for most of the year, she is still thankful for a platform that allows her to plan and meet her goal to see the world with friends.

Follow our interesting interview with Damilola below.

Heyyy! What is your name and what do you do?

Hiii! My name is Adegbamigbe Damilola Adaugo, I am a Textile Merchant. Basically, I buy and sell fabrics like Ankara, Crepe, Lace and Cashmere @thefabricshopng on Instagram.

How did you find out about us and how long have you been using Cowrywise?

I found out about Cowrywise from Omotoke F @thattokelady in 2019. We were going to save for a trip to Kenya and needed a place we could keep our money without touching it, so she recommended Cowrywise.

Friends that link you up with valuable info are the real MVPs! What money habit have you incorporated that has been extremely helpful?

Creating a separate bank account for my business and personal money, as well as saving with the Cowrywise app really helped! Unlike the banks, Cowrywise has a LOCK FEATURE that helps me stay disciplined with my savings.

Apart from saving money, do you also invest it?

Not yet, but I look forward to investing in the new business year.

What is your best Cowrywise feature?

My best feature on Cowrywise is saving money with the lock feature for discipline. I love the newsletters and subtle reminders from Ope as well…

What do you currently spend most of your income on?

Data and Food.

Did the pandemic affect your business?

Well, I guess not that much. I switched to making and selling ready-made dresses instead of fabrics since there was no way people could get their fabrics to the tailor. I became both the fabric seller & tailor for customers.

That’s smart and innovative. Share your biggest money mistake with us and how you overcame it.

As a business owner, it was difficult for me to learn how to differentiate my business money from my personal money. I was basically spending what I earned from my business alongside personal funds. Over time, this landed me in trouble as I was short of capital to run my business. I overcame this by setting up different accounts as I said earlier and by also getting extra sources of income.

Well done! 👏 If funds were unlimited, what will you purchase right now?

A round trip ticket to Seoul in South Korea.

After a long/tough day, what do you typically purchase to get refreshed?

Not sure I purchase anything after a long or tough day, but eating good food helps.😉

One money lesson you think everyone should know?


Also, you should start saving, even if it’s 100 Naira daily.

Do you have any suggestions for Cowrywise?

None for now! Cowrywise is doing an amazing job and I’m really happy with it.

Thank you, Damilola.

Thank you too! 😊

Find out more about saving with friends on Cowrywise. Winning is sweet but even sweeter when you win with your squad!

Want to share your story as well? Send us a DM here.


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