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Entry 17: Commitment Issues

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Remember my pizza escapades yesterday, right?

The one about secretly wishing everyone had gone home so I could enjoy pizza alone, and it turned out to be a lesson on mutual funds for me.

I woke up this morning wondering if I was going to keep up with that gym commitment I made.

After tossing, turning and staring at my blue gym shoes in the corner of the room, I decided to do this. I definitely felt heavy with the dose of enjoyment I gave myself yesterday. “Ope, be a disciplined human being,” I told myself as I looked in the mirror.

Coincidentally, Faith had shared with the team on Slack yesterday that 77% of employees would work out more if their place of work had a gym. Well, my office doesn’t, but that didn’t stop me. I put on my clothes and hit the gym.

T wasn’t there, but I was greeted with a lot of faces – a few familiar ones and many new people I had never seen before. Omo!!! People are gymming ooo. Calories must die here!

My routine in the gym is usually warm-up, walk 5 kilometres on the treadmill (or 3km, if I am feeling lazy) or ride on the bike that goes nowhere (not my favourite). And of course, take 100 selfies to pepper them on WhatsApp and Instagram stories (don’t judge me!).

While I was cooling down after the bike session, I heard someone call at me from across the room.

“Hi Ope!” “Long time no see”.

I turned around. 

It was Tolu.

I only remembered Tolu’s name right now as I was writing this, even though we had a full conversation then 😩

Tolu looked familiar, but at the time I honestly could not place the face. You know when someone knows your name but you are clueless about theirs so you resort to calling them generics like “dear”, while secretly hoping to somehow catch their name. That’s what I had to do.

“Hey” I smiled widely. But I am a terrible liar. My face gave me away.

Tolu was the gym buddy I made the first day I came here – but apparently some people take their fitness goals more seriously than others 😬

Some people really keep their new year resolutions sha. Tolu looked so fit! I could tell the obvious difference and it was so amazing to see the journey Tolu was on.

I thought to myself something I had always said, Only consistent effort and discipline over time can get this kind of results – not the “one day on, three months off” routine I have been practising with my fitness journey. 

Tolu and I caught up after the session and gisted a bit before we called it a day.

You know, I’ve always appreciated the kind of financial discipline that my savings plans on Cowrywise allow me to have. But I want to start doing that with my gym routines. Once I start a savings plan, I have to stick with it for at least 3 months. No stories! 

If only I had a way of locking myself into a non-stop 3-month gym routine. The thought of going to the gym for 90 straight days gives me the chills, but I know that it is the right kind of discipline. My real-life fitness score might be close to zero, but my financial fitness score is off the charts 🙌🏽

This is the consolation I have. It’s what helps me sleep at night 😌

It would be nice to have them both though, so please who has any gym inspiration for me? I will be in the comments taking it all down.

Talk tomorrow,

Ope 💙

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