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Entry 14: A Fresh Start

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Monday is usually the day for a fresh start.

It’s the closest thing to a new year’s resolution, and we all try to treat it as such every week.

Today, however, was different. It could be because I’d been home for the past few days down with malaria, or because of the public holiday today. It feels like a week-long weekend.

Who wouldn’t want that?


I miss feeling strong, energetic and all over the place going about my stuff, but that’s not what today’s entry is about.

Today’s entry is about a fresh start – a real one. 

I decided at the beginning of the year to take fitness seriously. It was one of my New Year resolutions, and we all know the January energy we normally have towards reaching our New Year goals. 

Well, that didn’t last for long.

I might have as well just written “make charitable donations to the gym” on my list of resolutions, because that’s the only way this can be explained.

After paying a couple thousands in gym subscription, I went there once, and that was it. And guess what? I did not cancel the subscription because I kept telling myself “I’ll start this month”. 

So every month, I was making generous donations to the gym, and today I decided to change that. 

I haven’t fully recovered, but I decided that there would always be excuses for why we can’t get things done. Plus I was lowkey tired of being indoors.

So, I got ready and went to the gym. I told myself that even if all I did was stretch, I was fine. I got out of the changing room and was just about to start my session when I heard my name.


I turned around.

It was T.

Okay waaaaait… What?! How?!
I mean, I knew T was a fitness junkie but we never really talked about the particular gym T went to.

I didn’t have enough time to compose myself before I opened my mouth, and the first thing that came out after a big smile was an elongated “My T!”

“My”????? From where to where, Ope? 😭

I just had to cover it up and act excited to see everyone else that passed by so it wouldn’t be too obvious 😭

That plan failed, but at least I tried. I was noticeably happy to see T. Hard guy in the poto-poto.

Oh well, we had a brief chit-chat and there was no mention of our Money Duo, so it didn’t get awkward. After we split ways, I was too excited to be serious with my work out, so all I really did was stretch. 

Long story short, I just got home, and I’ve already booked a ride in advance to the gym tomorrow.

I can already see my consistency go over the roof, and I’m pumped 😌 

Apparently, sometimes all we need to execute our plans and goals are catalysts. This time, love is my catalyst and I’m curious to see how far it can motivate me.

You already know I’ll give you updates.
In the meantime, you can catch up on all my entries here so you don’t feel left out.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Ope 💙

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