Money Chronicles: Cowrywise Helped Me Build Discipline Towards My Savings Goals

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Johnson Opeisa

Money Chronicles showcases the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. Today, I spoke with Johnson, one of our users who has been able to stay committed to his saving goals using the Cowrywise app. You’re surely going to find this interesting.

Hi! 👋🏾 What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Johnson Opeisa, and I’m a Multi-Niched Creative Content Writer, alongside a student at FUNAAB. 

Oh, nice! 😊 How did you hear about Cowrywise?

I might not be able to answer this accurately, because I’ve always known Cowrywise for as long as I can recall. You’d agree there aren’t many digital platforms widely known in Nigeria like Cowrywise.

I can imagine how long that would be.😀 So what is your best Cowrywise feature?

Not a feature per se, but Cowrywise’s discipline as regards money stashed in regular savings is the best thing for me. 

I know righttt? This is what we help people do effortlessly. Why do you like this though?

It enhances my unwavering commitment to my savings goals. For someone like me, turning to break my savings at every juncture of need was always an option, but with Cowrywise, discipline became the only viable option.😁

Although it might be quite difficult initially, it becomes easier in the long run. The savings circle is also pretty cool.😉

I love this for you!🤩 What other features would you love to see?

I don’t know the possibility of this happening, but a Cowrywise learn feature wouldn’t be so bad. A feature where I can learn and rub minds with fellow financial enthusiasts in stages. A learn feature with financial courses alongside certificates is something I’d love to see.

Oh, okay. But if it’s about financial knowledge, our blog is rich in that. You can always have a look at will.

Have you had any issues using the Cowrywise app?

Yes, and that’s regarding topping up my savings via my card. Although it’s been set automatically, it seldom notifies me of failed transactions due “to insufficient funds” even when my account is well-funded.

I faced the issue about thrice, but I reached out to the Twitter admin, and they suggested trying to add money via other options.

Oh, I see. I will do well to reach the appropriate quarters on this. What changed about your finances since you started using Cowrywise?

Commitment, commitment & commitment!

Like I said earlier, commitment was something I struggled with.  It’s not easy staying true to a saving plan in the face of financial emergencies, but with Cowrywise, I’m gradually becoming a pro at that.

Well done, Johnson! Do you refer people to use Cowrywise?

A lot! I’m a good person, I don’t keep good things alone to myself. There’s this inexplicable feeling of contentment that comes after each saving spree I feel everyone around me should get used to. 

My brothers, roommate, coursemates, colleagues and friends would have gotten an earful of Cowrywise recommendation from me, for sure.

Also, here is a tweet of mine doing that to my followers. 

That’s so generous of you. Keep spreading the good news! 👍 What advice would you give to someone who’s stalling on opening a Cowrywise account?

Well, if you want to be intentional about your earnings, and you’d like to stay disciplined toward your savings goals, Cowrywise should be your go-to!

Financial freedom, stability and sagacity are a journey like every other thing, and to attain this faster, you should get on board the Cowrywise saving platform now.

I’m sure you all have heard from Johnson, don’t stall! Tell us your top money lessons, Johnson

That no one is “too broke” to save. 

Saving is relative, yeah? Everyone’s income isn’t the same, so it’s normal your savings wouldn’t be the same either. However, earning less shouldn’t be an excuse for not saving. 

Take me for example. Earlier this year,  I knew I needed to start saving a portion of my meagre income, but I always leveraged the excuse that I wasn’t earning much then.  Not until I needed to get a new PC. 

I started saving for the PC earlier this year, and the earning I felt was little was halved. Of course, I didn’t die, and even when I started earning more, increasing my saving quota felt natural.

True! Saving won’t kill you but help you see how you can earn more to save more. What’s one thing you never mind spending money on and why?

My career growth. Books, courses, gadgets, name it. I don’t think twice before spending money on anything that will contribute to my growth. Because the way I see it, that’s unarguably the only thing that’s bringing handsome returns.

Well done Johnson and thank you!

Do you also want to stay committed to your savings goals and watch your finances build up over time?

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