Money Chronicles: How I Use Cowrywise to Delay Gratification and Save Toward My Needs

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Esiri Oghenevoke Sophy

Money Chronicles showcases the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. Today, I spoke with Oghenevoke, one of our users who had her spending habits managed while being able to save for her needs. Aside from finding this fun, you’ll have something to learn from this conversation.

When it comes to spending and working closely with a budget, many people underestimate how having a savings culture can help achieve a lot in spending the exact amount intended.

Particularly if you’re an undergraduate like Oghenevoke, you’ll be able to relate to what it means to set a budget but end up spending above what you planned if you don’t save a portion first. This is where Cowrywise comes in handy!

Every month, we will share stories of users who have leveraged Cowrywise to grow their money. We hope that these will inspire you to get on the right side of money.

Today, we have the story of Oghenevoke, a student ambassador who used Cowrywise to cultivate discipline in her spending.

Hi hi 🤩 Can we meet you?

My name is Esiri Oghenevoke Sophy and I am a 500-level undergraduate law student at the University of Lagos. I am also a virtual assistant, an arbitration enthusiast and a regulatory compliance soon-to-be expert.

That’s cool! How did you hear about Cowrywise?

I heard about Cowrywise from my school’s former campus lead, Kanyito, sometime around 2021. We were discussing finance and I had mentioned to him that I had a separate bank account where I saved my money apart from the one responsible for my expenses. He then introduced me to Cowrywise and here I am today.

He must have really been a good friend. What is your best Cowrywise feature and why?

Savings Circles is my favourite and I love it because my friend, Ibukun and I have incorporated it towards saving for our outings and dates. I think it’s nice because we set a budget and we give ourselves a healthy timeline to pool the money together in the savings plan and we lock it so we can’t touch it until the outing time. It really allows us to spend more time together without being broke lmao😂

Nicee! I hope you guys don’t step on people’s necks too much on IG with pictures from your outings. Anyways, what other features would you love to see?

I really want to see more options for Triggers. I want something for K-drama lovers like myself or book readers too. I understand that there’s a lot of customer validation that has to happen before implementing new features but I would really love it if there were more options.

Okay! I’ll ensure to get this across to the appropriate quarters. Btw, have you had any issues using the Cowrywise app?

No, I haven’t had any issues using the app recently or noticed any bugs.

Okay! What changed about your finances since you started using Cowrywise?

Firstly, I was able to save more and for a long time without spending my savings. I mentioned that I was saving in a separate bank account, right? I didn’t mention that it was easy to spend lol because it was easily accessible. Also, I learned how to make a budget and stick with it without going overboard while spending. With Cowrywise, I became very intentional about my spending. I never spent out of budget and I started saving for my needs. That’s financial discipline I guess. Lastly, I unlearned impulse buying. Locking your money up for a while is quite an eye-opener and more often than none, I realized that what I wanted to buy so desperately might not be a necessity lol.

Hmmmm. This is really beautiful to see Oghenevoke. With all of these benefits you’ve mentioned, do you refer people to Cowrywise?

Omggg yes! I feel like I am so much in love with the brand that I want everyone to fall in love with it as well. I am constantly talking about how Cowrywise has assisted my finances and career development and I will
always encourage them to join the Cowrywise family.

Good👍 What advice would you give to someone who’s stalling from opening a Cowrywise account?

Aside from laughing at them, I’ll tell them that the more they stall, the more money needed for the future is being wasted and opportunities to grow money are missed too. What good is your money if it’s just sitting
in your bank account? Why not invest it?

I see you like violence but true talk there.😂 Anyways, tell us your top money lessons

Delayed gratification is definitely my top lesson. I tell myself that I don’t have to buy everything I want and I can always get them at a later time. Also, there’s nothing as your money being too little to save.

Hmmmm! This is brilliant. What’s one thing you never mind spending money on and why?

Locs definitely. Although they’re more pricey than attachments, they last longer and can be reused.

Thank you, Oghenevoke!

If you would also like to manage your spending and ensure you follow through with your budget while saving a portion of your income, today is a good day to start and instil that discipline.

Get Started.


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