Money Chronicles: How Cowrywise Gave Me A Better Perspective to Personal Finance

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Money Chronicles showcases the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. Today, I had a chat with Oluwafemi, an undergraduate who now effectively saves and has a long-term perspective towards his finances after signing up on Cowrywise. There is a lot to learn from this chat particularly if you are a student.

Hi hi! Can we meet you?

I’m Oluwafemi Idiagbon, a 400-level Law student at UNILORIN.

How did you know about Cowrywise?

Honestly, I can’t really remember in particular but I had a spending problem (let’s be real, I still do). It was in 2021 at the time and I was complaining to my friend Esther about my spending problem and she recommended an app that could be of help. While searching on the app store, I saw Cowrywise pop up as well and I found the aesthetic more appealing so I opted for Cowrywise instead.

That must be really nice! What is your best Cowrywise feature and why?

I really like the emergency fund. that’s where my urgent 2k’s come from. Oh, I forgot to mention. I also love the Circles feature and the automated payment feature on the plans, I don’t think I’d be as dedicated to my saving goal if not for that feature.

Cool stuff. What other features would you love to see?

I think I’d like to see more paying functions on Cowrywise; and more features for everyday transactions. I’d be more comfortable having all those resources in one place.

Hmmm, Cowrywise is an asset management company. We might not implement such features at this time.

Anyways, have you had any issues using the Cowrywise app?

I don’t like how the app forces you to update the version.

Oh! Sorry about that but the truth is that we are more concerned about the security of your money as much as we are concerned about you attaining financial stability. So you might have to bear with that.

By the way, what changed about your finances since you started using Cowrywise?

I’m more cautious about my spending and I now have a long-term perspective because I start a plan for literally everything!

My perspective and approach to meeting a need changed as well. I didn’t have any savings at all and would completely rely on my mum or other family members for my needs. Now, when I need anything, my first approach is not to think of how I will cajole my mum to get it for me but I’ll rather ask myself: ”What can I do in order to save toward purchasing this item?’’

I’m happy for you on this. Do you refer people to use Cowrywise?

For sure, even before becoming a student ambassador on my campus!

Nice! What advice would you give to someone who’s stalling from opening a Cowrywise account?

I think saving can be overwhelming, especially in a scenario where you can easily gratify your desires, so I’d just tell them to think long-term. Imagine bigger and better things that saving up could get you and don’t sleep on Cowrywise to help you reach that goal.

Tell us your top money lessons

For me, my top money lesson will be to surround yourself with people to keep you accountable on your saving journey. This is one reason I so much love the Savings Circle feature. Even the way it ranks who’s more dedicated to the goal is just genius!

What’s one thing you never mind spending money on and why?

Data. I have so many activities that I wouldn’t be able to attend to if I am not online. Yeah, and Netflix too! This is because I cannot eat without watching something. It is what it is!💀

Thank you, Oluwafemi!

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