How To Earn Referral Bonuses On Cowrywise

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Why should you not earn referral bonuses for inviting your friends? No reason at all. In this article, we explain the following:

  1. Why we give referral bonuses
  2. How to get your unique referral link
  3. What do you enjoy from referrals
  4. How to make more from your unique referral link
  5. The terms associated with referral bonuses

Why do we give referral bonuses?

At Cowrywise, we believe that every moment for the customer must be rewarding. Referring your friends to us should come with some perks. Since we already offer top-grade security, free advisory, and great tools, we have decided to add an extra topping. Today, you get to enjoy a more robust referral programme that gives you additional benefits on Cowrywise.

Do referrals affect my savings and investment returns?

Cowrywise doesn’t pay you returns based on your referrals. You earn returns from actual investments. That is, your funds are invested in secure instruments like treasury bills and government bonds. In summary, referrals or not, you’ll earn because your funds are invested. Referral bonuses are simply additional benefits you enjoy for telling your friends about us.

How do you get your unique referral link?

Every Cowrywise customer has a unique referral link. This link can be accessed via our web or mobile app. To access it on our website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Cowrywise dashboard
  2. Tap “Referral” in the menu
  3. Tap “Share Referral Link” to share on social media platforms. You can also copy it.

If you choose to use the mobile app, here are the steps:

  1. Log into your updated Cowrywise app
  2. Tap your profile image
  3. Tap “Referral Program”
  4. Tap “Share” to copy the link or push to any social media platform.
How to share your referral link on the Cowrywise app

You can update your mobile app here to access your referral link.

Alternatively, you can use the unique code. Your friends need to input it under “Invite Code” while signing up. Everyone who uses your referral link also earns a bonus. No one is left behind.

What do you enjoy from referrals on Cowrywise?

For every successful referral you make, you will enjoy a fee waiver on Naira-based investment transactions on Cowrywise!

What are fee waivers?

For Mutual Funds on Cowrywise, there is a 1.5% processing fee charged on your investment payments. However, this is capped at ₦2,000 on naira-based mutual funds. This means that, when you invest ₦100,000 in a naira mutual fund plan, you will be charged ₦1,500. If you invest ₦3,000,000, you will be charged ₦2,000, as our fees are capped at that price.

However, a fee waiver lets you invest in mutual funds at zero cost. You can waive the processing fee and top up your investment plans for free! You’re rewarded with one free waiver each time your friend signs up and save/invest up to ₦5,000 with your referral code.

Your friend also enjoys the same fee waiver once they join in and save/invest with your referral code. Amazing, isn’t it?

Campus Ambassadors

As a campus ambassador, you are part of an elite group of the Cowrywise family. This extraordinary commitment comes with a great offer. It includes a fantastic welcome pack, access to high-profile events and personal development courses.

Also, as a campus ambassador, you earn fee waivers per referral, coupled with other amazing benefits you’ll enjoy. Would you like to be a campus ambassador? Apply here.

How To Earn More From Your Unique Referral Link

There are two great ways to amplify your link and earn more:

  1. Consistently share your link on your social media platforms
  2. Permanently post your link on your social media profiles

To share your link, create a fun and engaging message, encouraging your friends and family to sign up for Cowrywise. You should also tell them they earn a referral when they make a deposit.

Not sure what to say? You can use this:

“Cowrywise is the best savings and investment platform out there. Get an amazing cash bonus when you start saving and investing with my Cowrywise link. Let’s grow our money together.”

To permanently post your link on your social media page, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Tap your profile image
  2. Tap the settings tab. It is usually represented by “…”
  3. Tap “Edit profile”.
  4. Scroll down to “Edit your About Info”. Tap it
  5. Scroll down to “Contact info”. Tap “Edit”
  6. Scroll to Websites and add your link as your website.
  7. Save your edits.


  1. Tap your avatar (profile image)
  2. Tap “Profile”
  3. Tap “Edit profile.”
  4. Input your link in the website box
  5. Save your edits


The process is similar to Twitter. Although, if you want to have multiple links on your profile, you can use Disha. Disha provides you with one link that can redirect people to various sites you choose. Placing your Cowrywise referral link as number one will help you earn more.


Terms and Conditions

There are terms and conditions linked to this referral bonus on Cowrywise. Read them here

Now that you have a good grip on our referral program, wouldn’t you like to start enjoying it now? We look forward to helping you invest more at no charge!

If you have any questions, please send an email to or call +2348022212229.


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