Want to earn referral bonus on Cowrywise? Read the terms and conditions.

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You have shown interest in helping your friends master savings and investments the right way this year. This makes us so proud of you. 👏 While we love that you will be sharing the news about Cowrywise with your friends, we are more excited that they will learn to save, invest and build wealth for themselves the right way this year. Fabulous!

Interestingly, a lot of people like you and your friends have stayed with us over the past years and have built a better money culture for themselves, crushing their money goals and building generation wealth steadily. Want to be like them? Click to read their stories.

That said, Cowrywise referral program is not…

…a means to just invest for free on Cowrywise. It’s not aimed at simply cutting costs on your investments and waiving processing fees from your investments. Instead, our referral program is a means to reward you for sharing the good news of Cowrywise with your friends and loved ones. You are not just telling them to invest for free on Cowrywise, you are helping them understand how Cowrywise can help them save and invest their money, which will gradually take them further towards financial freedom.

This is why we tied referral bonuses to your investments. What better way to enjoy rewards than to enjoy investment benefits at zero cost? 🤗

How does Cowrywise referral program work?

It’s easy. Our referral program is directly linked to naira-based investments on Cowrywise. While you tell your friends about us, we make your investment journey easier and cost-free. 🥰 For every successful referral you make, you will enjoy a fee waiver on Naira-based investment transactions on Cowrywise!

So, what are fee waivers?

Fee waivers allow you to invest in naira mutual funds without paying processing fees on Cowrywise.

For Mutual Funds on Cowrywise, there is a 1.5% processing fee charged on your investment payments. However, this is capped at ₦2,000 on naira-based mutual funds. This means that, when you invest ₦100,000 in a naira mutual fund plan, you will be charged ₦1,500. If you invest ₦3,000,000, you will be charged ₦2,000, as our fees are capped at that price.

However, a fee waiver lets you invest in mutual funds at zero cost. You can waive the processing fee and top up your investment plans for free! You’re rewarded with one free waiver each time your friend signs up and saves/invests up to ₦5,000 with your referral code.

Your friend also enjoys the same fee waiver once they join in and save/invest with your referral code. Amazing, isn’t it?

What are the terms and conditions of earning fee waivers (referral bonus) on Cowrywise?

This is absolutely important.

Pay attention to the following rules that you must understand to enjoy the new referral program accordingly.

  1. The friend you referred must use your referral link or referral code while creating their account. Once the account has been created, using the link is no longer possible.
  2. To earn your bonus, the person you referred must make a deposit of more than ₦5000 in their locked savings plan or investment plan. The amount doesn’t have to be saved at once.
  3. You and your friend will earn one fee waiver each after a successful referral. This means you will be able to invest in a naira mutual fund without cost once. The more friends you refer, the more fee waivers you enjoy.
  4. All fee waivers only apply to naira-based investments.
  5. Each fee waiver you earn expires after 90 days. That means, your fee waiver is only active for 90 days. If you do not make any investments in mutual funds before the end of 90 days, your fee waiver expires.
  6. All accounts created must be authentic.

We reserve the right to withhold all rewards and terminate your Cowrywise account without notice if you are found to have violated any of the following:

  1. Referring accounts using temporary or fake email accounts.
  2. Creating multiple accounts on the same device.
  3. Referring multiple people with similar card details and suspicious BVN details.
  4. Attempting to mobilise people to only earn the fee waivers for your investments, and not focus on saving and investing.
  5. Any other activity found suspicious by our algorithm.

These rules are to guide you to avoid mistakes. Neglecting them means opening your account to possible termination without refund, and the action is permanent.

Now, how do you talk about referrals on Cowrywise?

Below are options that can help guide you on how to talk about Cowrywise to your friends, to convince them to save and invest with your referral code. 👇🏽

  • Cowrywise is a savings and investment platform that will help you grow your money with great returns. Use my referral code and you will get an opportunity to invest once at zero cost when you have saved/invested at least, ₦5000.
  • Join over 600k people who save and invest their money with Cowrywise. Use my referral code and save or invest at least ₦5000. Cowrywise will let you do one investment for free.
  • I am becoming financially stable, thanks to Cowrywise! Use my referral code to get started too.

You’re free to copy the messaging approach above when talking about Cowrywise.

Now that you have a full understanding of the right way to earn your rewards on Cowrywise, get started right away. Start sharing the good news about Cowrywise with your friends and family.

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