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Introducing Stash: More Options To Fund Your Cowrywise Plans

Introducing Stash: More Options To Fund Your Cowrywise Plans

The most exciting investment news for Dare was simple. With Cowrywise, he could invest with as low as NGN100, that was brilliant! But you see, life loves to play funny tricks. His excitement waned before the race started. Before we created the stash, you could only fund easily with your bank card. The other alternatives were not quite smooth. So, amazing people like Dare walked out of the race right from the starting line.

As expected, this challenge put us through sleepless nights. It was frustrating to watch people miss out. For everyone like Dare, someone misses on earning 3 times the regular interest rate. We resolved that this will not happen under our watch. To help, we have committed quality time to build several ways you can fund your investments on Cowrywise. We call it the Cowrywise Stash. It does a lot more than you can imagine. Stay with us.

What Can Cowrywise Stash Help With?

  • Direct transfers to investment plans from your bank.
  • Transfers to other Cowrywise users.
  • Bank transfers for as low as NGN25.
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Accept proceeds (investment+returns) from mutual funds.

Funding Investments with bank transfers

With Cowrywise Stash, you get a unique account number. Sounds cool, right? We knew you would love it! This number makes it possible for you to transfer funds into Cowrywise, using your bank’s app or any other valid bank transfer service in Nigeria. You can also make transfers using your bank’s shortcode service (USSD). Hello Dare, you can get started with no stress. That’s not all though.

What more can you do?

If there is anything we know, it is that you hate bank charges. When Lara reached out, she asked for a simple favour. She wanted an option to transfer funds from her regular investments to mutual funds. Her reason was simple, “Once money gets to my bank account, the charges start to hit from left and right.”

We know there’s no lie there. Allowing your money to sit for long in a Nigerian bank account is an extreme sport. So, we are offering you a few deals. Check them out in the following paragraphs.

Transfer to investment plans

You can transfer from your Cowrywise stash to fund investment plans, all within the app. Yes, we offer a fine mix of regulated and secure mutual funds.

Transfer to other Cowrywise users

Got a friend you love so much? You can bless them. It is now possible to transfer money in your stash to another Cowrywise user. Yeah, that’s on the house. No extra cost.



Transfer to any bank? Now 52% cheaper

NGN52.50 for transfers? That’s wild! You can transfer from Cowrywise stash to any bank account of your choice with NGN25. No jokes! Are you the family star who invests to fund various family members? You can now transfer to them at a lower cost.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The higher your savings score, the cheaper the transfer charge. That means you have to pay good attention to your savings. We’d love to help cut down those transfer costs badly. So, do the needful. You can read more on how to improve your savings score here.

How Safe Is Cowrywise Stash?

We do not joke with security. Did you know that we were the first fintech company to employ the same security structure as pension funds? You get the picture, right? Now, back to the stash.

Worried about someone transferring from your Cowrywise Stash to an unauthorized bank account? We have that covered. Every time a transfer is initiated, a PIN will be requested. This helps create an extra security hurdle. Create a tough one and keep it personal.

Cowrywise Stash cannot help with:

  • Long term investments. We’ve got Life Goals and Mutual Funds for that.
  • Earning interests. You should check out our investment plans for juicy rates.

Ready to start investing with these new options? Click here.


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  • Avatar

    joseph Reply

    6:27 pm . November 4, 2019

    how do i get my stash acc cuz i have opened a stash acc but dididn see any acc number to fund my stash

  • Avatar

    Garuba Nurullah Reply

    1:43 am . November 10, 2019

    They keep telling me that my date of birth is invalid. What should I do

  • Avatar

    Danny Reply

    9:08 am . December 20, 2019

    Whats the maximum amount my stash can take?

  • Avatar

    Precious Reply

    10:28 am . December 24, 2019

    Why is bvn important to open stash account

    • Ope

      Ope Reply

      8:50 am . February 6, 2020

      It helps us identify and protect you from undue access.

  • Avatar

    Jex Reply

    5:09 am . March 9, 2020

    How do I get account pin

    • Ope

      Ope Reply

      6:15 pm . March 19, 2020

      Hi there, have you figured this out?

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