Money Chronicles: I started building wealth with Cowrywise 3 years ago.

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Money Chronicles showcases the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. Today, we speak with Odunola Olabintan, a 2022 nominee of The Future Africa Award and a social entrepreneur. She tells us about how she started using Cowrywise three years ago, her time as a campus ambassador in 2019, and the journey so far. Sit back and enjoy our chat! ⬇️

Hi! 👋🏾 What’s your name and what do you do?

Hii! I’m Olabintan Odunola, I’m a social entrepreneur.

Cool. What does that entail?

I run two social enterprises, The Health City and Panacea First Aid services. The Health City provides preventive health information and services for adolescents and young people via our website. Panacea First Aid provides First Aid services for events and we provide First Aid education.

Oh great. This is inspiring. 😌

Thank you!

While reading up online, I saw that you were nominated for The Future Africa Awards. That was earlier this year. How has the health advocacy journey been since then?

The journey has been great. Being nominated for the future awards was a validation of the work my team and I have been doing and it has “gingered” us to do more.

That’s a good one then. More wins ahead. 👏🏾 Let’s talk about Cowrywise. How did you come across the app and when?

I came across Cowrywise some three years back. My elder sister actually recommended that I use it

And how has the journey been since?

Cowrywise is a great savings platform, it’s helped me a lot financially.

I’m happy to hear that. As I recall, you were a Cowrywise campus ambassador for a while. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Yes, I was. I applied and got selected to be a part of the Cowrywise campus ambassadors in 2019. We got students on our campus to sign up on the Cowrywise but beyond that, what stood out for me was that the Cowrywise team was also committed to the personal development of the ambassadors. We had weekly classes on various personal development topics, we had opportunities to visit the Cowrywise office and leverage the ambassadors’ program for other opportunities, it was a great experience really!

Oh great. I’m glad that contributed to your personal development. Our goal with the ambassadors’ program is to build a generation of students who are financially literate and also smart in every other area. 💙

You’re doing a good job!

Thank you. When you started using Cowrywise, did you have any objections or reservations?

Yeah, I did, there wasn’t Stash when I first started using the app. Thankfully there is now 😂

Oh great! We keep making modifications and bringing about updates to ensure that our users get the best they can from Cowrywise

I have no doubt. ❤️

Share your biggest money mistake with us and how you overcame it

I wouldn’t say this is my biggest money mistake but it was a mistake I was making constantly for a while. I used to buy food and new outfits every time I got paid for the jobs I did. I didn’t notice it had become a bad habit until my friends and family started pointing it out. I then had to double back and self-evaluate. I realised I had been haemorrhaging funds on these things. As soon as I realised this, I started cutting down my expenses and I think, for the most part, I have it under control.

Oh wow. It’s good to know you have that under control. 💙 What is your best Cowrywise feature and why?

My best feature is the mutual funds investments. It makes investment easy and direct, I can make my money work for me easily.

Yes! 🎉 That’s our focus at Cowrywise; to help users build wealth. What advice do you have for those who haven’t started investing on Cowrywise yet?

I’ll advise that they start ASAP!!!!, they won’t regret it. 💪🏾

While we’re on that…what do you think is the major reason most Nigerians do not save and invest?

I think they either think they don’t make enough to save and invest or they don’t know about the right channels where they can do it well.

Hmm true. What money habit has Cowrywise helped you to incorporate?

Saving as I earn, because the platform makes it so easy to either save automatically or on demand, I can easily save as I earn. Little drops of water you know? 😁

Makes the mighty ocean…

Share that one thing that you never mind spending on and why?

Food – a girl is a foodie 😂

Oh wow! 😂 What’s your favourite food then?

Pounded yam and Efo riro.

Solid choice. 🤝Given You’re a busy person. How do you destress after a tough day?

Movies o. Lots and lots of movies.

Recent movie you enjoyed?


Rounding up now…Tell me briefly about the transition between before you started earning and investing and now? How has the journey been?

Hmmm…The ability to be able to purchase the things I want, buy stuff for family and friends and also save up to do major things like registering my business has been quite liberating. It’s been one crazy journey and I’m nowhere near where I want to be yet but I’m thankful to God for where I am.

That’s cool. We’re glad you’re here and Cowrywise is here to build wealth with you. 🫂 Last question. Any money lessons you’ll like to tell your younger self?

Money is not an end in itself, it’s a means to an end.

Solid one. 💪🏾
Any advice for the Cowrywise team before you go?

The team is doing an amazingggg job and I love to see it!. Like the Yoruba parent will say, “Keep it up😁” Side note though: Including a financial literacy blog in the app may not be bad though, so we can learn good money habits as we come to save and invest. 

It’s funny you mention that. It’s one of the latest updates on the Cowrywise app. It’s part of the new features we just added.

Niceeeeee…Hadn’t noticed it o, perhaps my app is due for an upgrade! Checking that out ASAP.

You should!

Thank you for talking to us, Odun. It was lovely speaking to you. 

Thank you too, Michael!

Odunola started using Cowrywise three years ago, became an ambassador and she is still with us today, building wealth one step at a time. What are you waiting for?
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