Money Chronicles: We wanted to save N50m on Money Duo before our one year anniversary

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Money Chronicles showcases the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. Today, I spoke with Rasheed and Beverly, two of our users who use Cowrywise Money Duo to save and build wealth as a couple. Ready for some lovey-dovey chat? ❤️ Let’s dive in.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and Beverly? What do you both do for a living?

I am a wealth manager and CEO of Ranora Consulting. Beverly is a creative director and lead designer at KLE Design Studio

How did you both meet and how long have you been together? Give us the story. 😁

We met at a birthday party for one of my partners, and amidst the crowd, she shone like a radiant gem. Her beauty captivated me instantly, and I couldn’t resist the pull to approach her. However, my attempts to reach out went unanswered, leaving me in a state of longing for what felt like an eternity.

Yet, love has a way of finding its path, and after almost four months of silence, she finally granted me a chance. From that moment forward, our connection bloomed, and we have been inseparable ever since. As we approach our one-year anniversary on June 20th, I can’t help but reflect on the journey that brought us together.

Four months? 🥺

It was a testament to the power of perseverance and the magic of fate. Our love story reminds me that sometimes, the most beautiful relationships are the ones that require patience and unwavering belief. I am grateful for the chance encounter that led me to her, and I look forward to celebrating the milestones yet to come.

Awww…that’s so romantic! God when…😭

Rasheed and Beverly. ❤️

What are some of the biggest financial goals you both have set for yourselves?

We wanted to save up N50m at the end of our first year together. I think that was the major goal. This led us to start using Money Duo. We haven’t hit our goal yet but we’re definitely one step closer thanks to the money duo

50m in the bag soon! We’re rooting for you here.

How easy was it to set up and use Cowrywise Money Duo? We’re asking for a friend. 😉

It was easy especially because we both already had Cowrywise accounts before we started dating so it was almost a no-brainer to set up like a joint savings and Money Duo came in handy. The original idea was to double any amount she saves but I guess I went overboard lol.

We love Overboard!😂 How has Money Duo helped you and Beverly save money together?

It helped mostly with discipline. There are times when you spend on – for lack of better words – “nonsense” just because money is available. Having it locked in the Money Duo with a target amount to achieve made it an exciting challenge to embark on as a couple. I guess the inability to withdraw until your maturity date is what I find most helpful about the product.

Tell us about a specific financial challenge you and Beverly faced as a couple, and how you overcame it together. 🥺

To be honest, there haven’t really been any financial challenges. God has been faithful and we tend to plan our expenses well and live within our means

Sweet! 🎉 People often find it difficult to discuss money with their partners. How has using Cowrywise Money Duo impacted your relationship in terms of financial communication and transparency? 🤩

I have always been a transparent person. I think it varies from person to person. But if you’re open from the start, it’s easier to teach how to manage your wealth and also a contingency in case anything happens to me, I would still want my partner to be taken care of. However, women tend to be more private with their wealth, which to be honest is fine. I still don’t know what Beverly owns and that’s okay because my money is her money too.

Sir, you and romance are 5 &6! You are indeed a Honeydew Cantaloupe🥺

Rasheed took our love quiz and got Honey-Cantaloupe. Take the quiz to know what kind of sweetheart you are.

How do you and your partner typically communicate about money and financial decisions?

We have separate Excel sheets that we review every quarter. We also look at our bank statements to identify things we might be splurging on.

Excel sheets sound like you leave nothing to chance. Good. 💪🏽

What other features would you love to see on Money Duo? Our product team is reading.

Ability to upgrade to a family plan so you can start saving for your kids as well.

Duly noted. I shall do well to pass that on to the appropriate quarters. 😌

Last question. What’s your go-to money tip for couples out there?

It is important to establish open and honest communication about finances from the very beginning. Money can be a sensitive topic, but it’s crucial to have discussions about financial goals, spending habits, and shared responsibilities.

Give a shout-out to Beverly! 💃

I love you Bovali! Big surprise coming soon.

Awww…all of us at Cowrywise love you too, Beverly!

Any cute lovey-dovey words you wanna share with us at Cowrywise? We love love too. 😌

Your love lights up the financial realm, intertwining hearts with trust and unity. May your journey be filled with joy, laughter, and endless blessings as you navigate life’s treasures together. Keep soaring and spreading love’s magic!

Again, you and romance sir, 5 & 6! Thank you for talking to us, Rasheed. This has been fun.

Thank you for having me.

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