Introducing Lotus Halal Investment Fund on Cowrywise

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Cowrywise is currently the top and trusted aggregator of mutual funds, including halal investments in Nigeria. Through remarkable partnerships, we have driven inclusive investing to a whole new level by intelligently offering quality mutual funds from as low as NGN1000.

In line with the inclusion drive, we partnered with Lotus Capital to retail the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund; which invests primarily in Sukuk Bonds. Today, we are deepening that commitment with the introduction of the Lotus Halal Investment Fund to our platform. As usual, funds from Lotus Capital make it possible for everyone, including faith-conscious investors to access high-earning investment options.

What does Lotus Halal Investment Fund invest in?

The fund invests in screened equities that comply with standards that make it possible for anyone, regardless of their faith to invest. In summary, the fund does not invest in instruments that earn interest. Rather, it invests strictly in channels that earn profits thereby enabling investors to earn through profit sharing.

For a clearer picture, Lotus Halal Investment Fund is a NGN 2.5 billion mutual fund that invests in stocks of MTN Nigeria, Dangote Cement, Okumu Oil, and Dangote Sugar. Hence, it is suitable for investors with medium to long-term investment goals. Here’s a look at the fund’s returns over the last 3 years:

2016: 13.13% per annum
2017:  21.44% per annum
2018: 5.75% per annum

How do I earn from my investments?

The Lotus Halal Investment Fund does not charge a fixed management fee. That is, the managers go all the way, and share profits at a sharing pattern of 70:30, 70% for the investor and 30% for the fund manager. Fair deal, right? We knew you’d love it!

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Who is Lotus Capital?

Lotus Capital is a full-service, Halal investment management company specializing in asset management, private wealth management and financial advisory services.

It was founded in June 2004 with the specific objective of inclusive investing across West Africa. Lotus is duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as Fund Manager, Corporate Investment Advisers and Issuing House.


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