Cowrywise Update: Sparkling New Features You’d Love

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Why do we announce updates so frequently? Every day, we sit to think about how to make things better for the Nigerian investor  –  you. Things are not yet as easy as they should be. It is our duty to make investing seamless, one feature at a time.

Here’s an article on how we established a security model for users of online investment platforms in Nigeria.

What’s New On Cowrywise?

  1. Full Portfolio Breakdown
  2. Mutual Funds Price History
  3. Stash Details Screen
  4. Quick Saving Plans For New Users

Full Portfolio Breakdown

Sometime in the future, people will google your net-worth .  Blown! Just before we get there though, we have made it possible for you to view your net worth; based on funds you have kept securely with us.

That way, if anyone makes a wrong claim that underappreciates your investment efforts, you can pull out your phone to brag a little. In the future, we’ll work on an update that will permute the net worth cover for assets beyond Cowrywise investments.

How does this breakdown work?

We pull data from your investments, savings and Stash.  This shows how much you have in each basket, and interest earned from them, except Stash – which doesn’t earn interests.

If you want to increase your net worth, you know what to do.  Move funds from idle spots like your bank account and Stash to active investment and saving plans. So what’s your net worth? Update your app to check it out. Don’t have the Cowrywise app? Download it here.

Stash Details Screen

If there’s anything we are opposed to, it’s the opaque nature of investing as a Nigerian. We commit substantial hours a day to make things as transparent as possible for you.

With this new update, you can view full details on transfers from your Stash, and transfers to it. Nothing is hidden anymore. Don’t know what Stash is? It’s a feature that provides you with an account number so you can transfer from any bank to Cowrywise. No limits!

Get your Stash account number

Mutual Fund Price History

Earlier this year, we became the first platform in Nigeria to offer top mutual funds for just NGN100. At the moment, we are the only investment platform in Nigeria that allows you to compare multiple mutual funds and invest in them in one space.

We have completely removed the stress that comes with mutual funds investments. We’re also helping you make more informed decisions. You can compare several mutual funds and tell which funds are performing well and fit your risk appetite. To improve performance comparison, you can check how the price of funds has changed over the last 30 days.

Why does this matter?

Mutual funds are usually sold in units, hence there is a unit price for every mutual fund. People can gain from mutual funds when they sell their units at a price higher than the buying price. If you’re looking to sell soon, price changes are valuable for you.

Also, a mutual fund whose unit prices are on the rise can be a pointer to something positive. With this new feature, you get a good overview of the price performance for every mutual fund. No stress.

Here’s a short guide for you on how mutual funds work on Cowrywise.

Quick Plans

Start investing in a few clicks. That’s more than just a statement now. With our new quick plans, a new user of our app will be presented with simple plans  to start saving. If this is you, all you need to do is tap any option to get started.

In other words, our registration process just got shorter. Know a friend who hates long processes but wants to save? This will work for them. Help them signup using your referral link and you’ll both earn NGN250 each.

Are there any extra features you’d love to see on Cowrywise? Drop a comment, we might include it in our next update and credit you for the ideas.

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