5 Ways to Save and Invest in Nigeria with Cowrywise

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Ways to save money in Nigeria

At Cowrywise, we believe that financial freedom is possible through financial inclusion. Based on this, we have designed amazing plans for you to save and invest that make it possible for everyone to find a suitable investment path. The best part? You get to save and invest on your own terms.

For the salary earner


For Dare, it is important that a part of his salary is saved and invested after his credit alert hits at the end of the month. Our Periodic Savings Plan caters to Dare’s needs by helping him to materialise his dreams through automated savings either daily, weekly or monthly. With this plan, he can earn impressive returns from the investment of his savings in instruments like treasury bills.

How about the lump sum investor?


Unsure of what to invest the lump sum of money she had recently received, Kene had resorted to leaving it seated in her bank account even though she knew it deserved better. With the Fixed Savings Plans, we ensure that your money gets better than just left in the bank account.

Learn more about How Cowrywise is better than your regular bank savings account.

And the freelancers with no stable income? Covered!


Like Tonye, a freelance photographer who does not have a fixed source of income, you can decide to save any amount at any time manually with our Save As You Earn Plan. With the one-time savings feature, this plan is perfect for users not on a regular income and can also be used by those who want to top their other savings plans manually.

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Did we forget group savings and investments? Nopes.


Eseosa and her circle of friends have planned to hit the beautiful beaches of Bali this August. With only a few months to go, they set up a collective savings plan on Cowrywise. Our Savings Circle is perfect for saving money collectively, contributing towards a goal or just challenging friends to meet a set target.

We also considered the Muslim faithful.


Halimat is in search of a platform that will help her save smarter and not go against her beliefs. The Halal Savings is perfect for Halimat and all Muslims interested in saving, it is interest-free and is free of riba. Users can decide to automate the Halal plan or not.

Learn more about Halal Investments in Nigeria.

With Cowrywise, there is a plan already waiting for you.

Start your journey to financial freedom with us today.


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