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Money Duo — An Emotional Bond Over Money

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“…and Nonso from Cowrywise said, ‘Let there be an opportunity for couples to bond over money’ and there was Money Duo.”

Six months ago, we built a private savings challenge for couples to save and build wealth together. The goal was to allow individuals to set up intimate money challenges with someone special to them, without compromising personal savings and investments. 

Money Duo promotes accountability between partners while allowing them to be financially vulnerable to each other—a fundamental yet scarce trait in today’s world. At the same time, the plan doesn’t neglect humans’ natural desire for privacy and control over their money; you get a say on your savings as well as the opportunity to create private savings accounts. With Money Duo, you can eat your cake and have it.

In February, a month associated with lovers home and abroad, we strategically launched Money Duo to the public. The impact of the plan on relationships so far cannot be overemphasised.

“The journey so far has been great as it has brought out a healthy competition between us seeking to outdo each other.” – Adegboyega

“The journey has been exciting and competitive, particularly when I wake up in the morning of the 15th and see he has already topped up the duo, I will then immediately top up with twice the amount so as to take the lead.”
– Tobiloba

Adegboyega and Tobiloba are partners taking full advantage of the Money Duo circle. Placing healthy competition at the core, they keep encouraging each other to save more every month—a goal that Money Duo was made to achieve.

Why Money Duo?

We interviewed three couples who have been actively involved in the private savings journey and have made it to the top of our current rank table. Their words highlighted their unique experiences with the private savings challenge and how well they’ve been able to bond over money.

“At the beginning of the year, we were planning to start with joint savings. We went to the bank but the process was long and the requirements were a lot. About a week after, we got a notification from Cowrywise…and at the end of February, we started.”

– Zita

Money Duo makes you skip the complex and overwhelming processes associated with joint savings at the banks. The only requirement is that both of you have a Cowrywise account and you can start saving together. Here, you skip long forms, avoid tiring queues—just pick up your phones and start saving together.

“I just saw it (Money Duo). I sent the request to two people; him (partner) and my female friend”


Although Money Duo was built for couples, it has its core centred around love. Love transcends romantic relationships; it hovers around family members and platonic friends. You are not limited to saving with your partners, you can save with your sibling or a friend close to your heart. 

“I just thought it was a good idea to have a joint savings”

– Yomi

Yes, Yomi is 100% right! It is a good idea to have a joint savings account. Hacking money growth and wealth management with your partner is vital for any relationship.

More questions on your mind?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve answered questions you probably have on your mind, find them below.

Can both of us save different amounts?

Primarily, you will both have to agree on a base amount to save together. This amount will be deducted automatically from your selected account on your agreed savings date. However, you can also top up your Money Duo plan manually(with any amount) with your debit card, Stash or a bank transfer.

It’s difficult to trust people with my money. So, I’m not sure what to do.

If you’re in this position, we definitely considered your concerns while building Money Duo. While you save with your partner or friend, you alone have access to your money. The other party cannot withdraw your money during or after the plan has matured. At maturity, each person withdraws the amount they have saved into their personal bank accounts.

What if I want to stop saving with my partner/friend later?

We ensure your freedom to leave the Money Duo plan is as easy as creating one. There’s an option to leave the Money Duo plan. Once you leave, the plan becomes a personal savings plan that is just for you. You can keep on saving personally and will be able to withdraw at maturity.

Does interest rates apply to Money Duo plans?

Yes! On Cowrywise, as long as your money is in a plan, it grows.

Feel convinced yet? Then start saving with someone special today.

If there other questions you have that I’ve not answered, feel free to use the comment box, answers will be provided to them at once.

Want to see what our couples said first-hand in their interviews? Watch the video below.

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