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Money Duo: Private Joint Savings Plan for (would-be) Couples

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One in five people thinks their partners are financially irresponsible. Such thoughts are 10x more likely for breakups according to Policy Genius. When people decide to start a relationship, they unconsciously agree to share almost everything. However, one aspect that seems to be ignored or avoided is finance. So, it is of little wonder why Policy Genius arrived at that conclusion.

According to O’Keeffe Merric, a financial advisor, the first step to fixing this is to be transparent. We have a guide on how to approach that with money dates. Transparency sets the foundation for bonding together financially. Building upon that, the next step is working somewhat together.

Separate Finances vs Joint Finances

To be clear, it is fine to maintain some separation with your finances. There are pros that come with some level of separation but there’s a major con that comes with outright separation. This is found in the inability to clearly plan for joint goals, as you have no idea what your partner can afford. Planning aside, working together builds trust by assuring your partner that they’re involved in an integral part of your life. With Money Duo, you get the best of both worlds.

How Money Duo Helps Joint Savings

On February 6, 2019, we launched Cowrywise Savings Circles for group savings and investments. Since then, it’s been amazing seeing how different groups have challenged themselves to hit milestones they couldn’t have achieved if they went solo. There truly is power in numbers and as social beings, our clans and tribes are important to us.

However, when it comes to relationships and money we all desire privacy. One where we share our deepest and most vulnerable selves with just one person. For many, that one person is a spouse and for others, a special friend. In essence, Money Duo is also open to those who are not couples (officially 🌚).

With this new feature, you get to set up an intimate money challenge without compromising your personal savings and investments. Once again, it gives you access to the best of both worlds. Finally, it helps you build the needed accountability with your partner as your accountability mate. Looking for a great way to build trust while boosting your money health? This is it.

I believe joint savings brought us closer because where your money is, your heart is too.

Lisa, 24 on joint savings

What is Money Duo?

Money Duo is a private money challenge that can only accommodate two participants. Once created, the second participant would only be able to join by invitation. Thinking of a good way to start something beautiful with someone? This is one premium way to take your shot. Everyone wants a financially responsible partner, right?

With Money Duo, accountability becomes even better. It is a one-year savings challenge with automated deposits for two people only, because sometimes, “three is a crowd”. Partners will be able to track each other’s progress over time via the leaderboard and will receive notifications about the other party’s activities. Now, you can hit and surpass a savings goal for your wedding, vacation, or a special project together.

Money Duo FAQs

How do requests work?

When a request is sent, recipients can decide to accept or decline them. If your request isn’t accepted within two weeks, it will be deleted. If they decline the request, you won’t be able to send another to the same person.

How long does a Money Duo Challenge last?

By default, once both members are in the Circle it becomes active and is locked for one year. That’s good enough time to get your money plans rolling.

What is the minimum amount?

The plan is designed to nudge a minimum monthly deposit of ₦1,000. Notwithstanding, you and your partner are allowed to top up with any amount at any time.

How do I withdraw?

Once the plan matures, individual amounts contributed over time are withdrawn into the Stash of each member.

Can I leave the plan?

Yes, you can. However, when you leave the plan becomes an individual plan that can only be accessed on the earlier set maturity date. We are rooting for you to stay through till the end though.

How to Start your Money Duo

Super easy!


  • From the Cowrywise app homepage, tap “Save”
  • Tap “Savings Circle”
  • Tap “Join A Savings Circle”
  • Tap the “Duo 💖” button
  • Click on “Start a Duo” and follow the prompts to invite your partner or friend

Why Start a Money Duo?

Apart from the chance of starting something amazing by shooting the right shot…😉

  • According to the owners of the third-largest Savings Circle on Cowrywise, joint savings make money goals more possible.
  • Saving with a partner builds a different level of intimacy through accountability.
  • It will help with clear planning for short or long-term joint goals.
  • Understand your partner’s money language better.

Life is a crazy ride. It is a privilege to go through it with a partner – Kristen Bell

Who is your Money Duo? Send them an invite.


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