Reintroducing Cowrywise Circles: Do More Than Saving

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Cowrywise Savings Circles

Cowrywise Circles launched on February 6, 2019. Back then, it launched as Cowrywise Saving Circles to help with savings and private contributions alone. Ever since, we have reworked the structure to do more than saving, and we are proud to share what we have done so far. The philosophy hasn’t changed, we are just expanding the scope.

Cowrywise Circles’ Philosophy

When you cast your net to fish, you hope for a big catch. However, when that big catch comes, you can’t pull it alone. It always takes a Circle to bring the big catch home. So, what’s your big catch? To save up a billion with friends? How about we go beyond savings and help you gather money from thousands to feed starving villages, for instance?

What if you have an experience package? Say an online masterclass? We can also help with that. Cowrywise Circles can help sellout your business packages using subscriptions. Whatever the catch is, we’ve got a Circle to bring it home. You can now use Circles in four different ways:

  1. Donations
  2. Experiences
  3. Saving Challenges
  4. Collections

Tap any of the above to jump to them right away

Donations: Do More Than You Can

You probably once had a dream to do something charitable but gave up when you checked your funds. In essence, you stopped dreaming. If this is you, the Donation Circle was designed for you.

They help keep such noble dreams alive, by granting you access to funds. In the past, we tested how this will work with an amazing user, Lauretta Hamza. She is the founder of the Communal Health Support Scheme. We partnered with them to raise funds for a health outreach at Sagbokoji. The project, which is still ongoing, will see to the purchase of a boat ambulance and a rebuild of the community’s health centre.

On the other hand, if you are in search of vetted projects you can donate to, we have you covered. We designed a showcase page that will display approved donations that can pool your money with that of others to make a global impact. That money you call little is no longer that small. It now has the ability to complete the funds that can feed hungry children in a remote village. Your hero badge awaits you, so explore the donations page to find something you love.

How to Setup a Donations Circle

  1. Create an account if you don’t have one here
  2. Sign in
  3. Tap Create a Savings Plan and select “Saving Circles”
  4. Select “Create Circle”, then choose Donations 

Once a Circle is created, we’ll review and approve after vetting. We’d love to see the exciting donations you create. Here’s something, if your Circle makes the cut we’ll join forces with you to publicize it. Yes, we are a family.

Experiences: Pay in Bits for Awesome Activities

There are two categories of people involved in any activity, the creators and the participants. On the creator’s part, they struggle with getting people to pay for their experiences. The reasons range from heavy bulk fees to people forgetting about their payment commitments. Well, you can kiss those days goodbye. Asides from publicizing these activities, we help set automated payments for your clients at no extra cost to you.

As a participant, you already get the benefit. We’ll break down those heavy fees; for activities like getting a car, planning your honeymoon, and so on. Then, we’ll make it possible for you to make automated deposits that pay up the fees gradually. With these Circles, there’ll be no pressure to enjoy the best things in life. You’ll get them at your pace.

How to Setup an Experience Circle

  1. Create an account if you don’t have one here
  2. Sign in
  3. Tap Create a Savings Plan and Select Savings Circles
  4. Select “Create Circle”, then choose Experiences
How to create a Cowrywise experience

Saving Challenges: Grow With the Help of Competition

Grow at your pace, but some good pressure to ensure you are growing at your pace isn’t a bad idea. To this end, we have created challenges. Everyone gets to save a fixed amount according to a set frequency. For example, NGN50,000 per month. Savings Challenges run continuously so you do not have to create a new one every time it matures. Everyone can withdraw their individual deposits plus interests earned and you can choose to either create or join a challenge.

For the record, you can always top up your challenges outside the set amount. That way, you can place yourself higher on the leaderboard. Find a challenge to join here or create one here (You’ll need to sign in).

Cowrywise Collections: Raise Funds Privately

These are quite similar to group contributions. However, they are not made public. They are great for investment clubs who want to pool funds from members and reinvest them. How about those grand family parties? You can raise funds from family members months ahead using this. In summary, they are great for group projects you want to keep private. It is key to note that only the creator can withdraw funds upon maturity,

How to Setup a Collections Circle

  1. Create an account if you don’t have one here
  2. Sign in
  3. Tap create a plan and select “Saving Circles”
  4. Select “Create Circle”, then choose Collections

Got feedback for us? Mention us on twitter here, we reply with unimaginable speed.

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