Money Lessons from your favourite wealth advisor

Ope’s Money Diary is a compilation of 21 short stories on how money works, and how you can take advantage of this knowledge.

21 Money Stories.
From the mind of Ope.

My Money Stories tell 21 different things I have learnt on my journey with money. Now, I am passing that knowledge to you 💙

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What readers are saying...

  • “Ope's Diary is THAT book you know you'll love! ”

    I love how every single story breaks down complex financial subjects and even ends with advice on what to do and how to build wealth better. And the humour? Top tier!

    -Oladele .O.
    “I found it so relatable and engaging”

    There's love in sharing, and there's no better gift than the gift of knowledge. This is a must read!

    -Emmanuel .A.
    “Every short story is a trove of insights”

    Ope did a solid unraveling the mysteries of money in this book. Looking to take charge of your financial journey? Download it!

    -Akin. F.
  • “Ope’s Diary is a captivating story that hits close to home.”

    Highly recommended for anyone looking to navigate their own financial journey with a touch of familiarity.

    -Joel .T.
    “The diary-style writing makes it an easy to read, relatable.”

    Unlike most other books on this subject matter, it simplifies fintech buzzwords and explains investments to you like a beginner.

    -Toka .O.
    “Ope's Diary's unique style simplifies financial jargon.”

    Unlike traditional finance books, it creates a narrative that promises an enlightening experience. What a way to learn about money!

    -Oshiga. O.

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