Money Chronicles: I used Cowrywise to save toward my Wedding

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Money Chronicles showcases the honest money experiences of everyday people who use Cowrywise. Today, I spoke with Tobiloba, a chef in Lagos who used Cowrywise to save for his wedding. We talk about the connection between finance and romance, why he started using Cowrywise, and how he ended up using Cowrywise to save for his wedding. Dive in below to read our chat! ⬇️

Hi! 👋🏾 What’s your name and what do you do?

Hello. My name is Tobiloba and my partner’s name is Anuoluwa. I work as a full-time chef and a caterer while Anuoluwa is a fashion designer.

Cute cute…How did the love story start? 😉

Four years ago I went to cater for a family’s end-of-the-year party when I saw this beautiful lady. I was tired and a little bit upset that very day. I remember she came to me asking for a particular dish and I sounded rude but she responded calmly and I came back to my senses. I apologized when she came back and we started a conversation. She commended my cooking and said my meals were delicious. I replied “Na God o” 😂 We exchanged contacts and everything became perfect. 🤩

“Na God” indeed! That’s…perfect! What are some of the biggest financial goals you both have set for yourselves? 🚀

  • Getting our apartment was the first thing we set out to do and with Cowrywise we are able to achieve it.
  • After that, we were able to set up her fashion school which is located at Festac.
  • The third thing was to get married and everything worked out thanks to you guys. 💙

What led you to start using Cowrywise?

A friend of mine, Feranmi Ajetomobi, introduced me to Cowrywise. He was my partner at Nifries and I think he was working at Cowrywise.

How has Cowrywise helped you save and invest?

Cowrywise has helped me a lot. To be honest, I was not a good manager of money but Cowrywise really changed that. Back then, I started saving from 1000 to 3000 every day until I built discipline. That really worked for me.

In your tweet, you mentioned how Cowrywise helped you save for the wedding. Tell us a little about that. 😌

My wedding was supposed to be in November but due to some personal issues, we changed the date. I created another savings plan and started saving daily. Literally anytime…any day I have money, I will put it in my savings. That way, I was able to save a lot ahead of the wedding. My favorite product on the Cowrywise app is the regular savings plan.

Tell us about a specific financial challenge you faced as a couple. 🥺

When I lost my restaurant, everything was kind of hard. My saving grace then was that we had some money saved in Cowrywise. Then, I started building back little by little. I was doing online deliveries to get back on track. Now everything is getting better, little by little.

People often find it difficult to discuss money with their partner. How do you navigate that? 🤩

Cowrywise impacted my relationship in terms of financial communication and transparency. There was a time my partner did not believe me when I told her I was saving. 😂 I had to show her the evidence on the Cowrywise app. Now, she’s always okay discussing money and personal finance. Now, we save together and we spend together

Shoutout to her!

Thank you for being an amazing woman, Anuoluwa!

Any words you wanna share with us at Cowrywise? 😌

Thank you guys. You are the real MVP

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