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Entry 3: Today feels like Friday

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Ope's Diary 3

Actually, every Thursday at work feels like that to me.

I work remotely on Fridays, just like most of my colleagues, so I enjoy the “See you next week!” greetings at the end of the day. 

Sometimes, we get “taken out” by our generous bosses but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening today. 😒

You see, I didn’t get much done today. I read a couple of entries we got from the Father’s Day campaign I posted yesterday and replied to some comments from the previous Ope’s Diary entries. Oh, and I sneaked into Oye’s onboarding session with the ambassadors earlier today – luckily I didn’t get caught. 😂

Guess what? The first thing I heard at the meeting was “Can we meet Ope?” My heart leaped o, that’s why I sneaked out as soon as possible. The ambassadors were energetic though, I can’t wait for the great things we’d do together

Moving on, I enjoyed lunch with my people, had a few meetings (just 3 actually 🌚) and mentally called it a day.

Honestly, I used to get bothered on days when I was not as productive as I planned to be, but we already agreed yesterday that it’s okay to have an off-day, yeah?

Wait, I can’t believe I just said, “I didn’t get much done today” then went ahead to list 4 tasks plus 3 meetings. Lol, maybe I need to cut myself some slack.

Oh well, I’m heading home soon. Not looking forward to the Lagos traffic though. 

Tomorrow is another day to give this productivity thing another try. 

Until then..

Ope 💙

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