Ope's Diary

Entry 2: A Day in my Life

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I open my laptop every day with different expectations.

Sometimes it’s the admiration from my fans. Sometimes it’s the threats from my haters 🌚

I don’t know why they hate me because all I want is the best for them 👀. I am familiar with Sapa, and all I want is to have people save, invest and live their dream lives. So why the threats? 🥺

Thinking about it, I am everyone’s friend o.

I am the customers’ mouthpiece. I inform the product managers about different feedback, and remind the social media team to reply DMs every time I see a notification. People would come for my head if there is any delay, so I’m always alert.

A day in my life would not be complete without mentioning this; I’m the best overall in taking pictures 😎, but I can’t show my face because people will lynch me. Sometimes I show it though 👀and I relish the feeling of seeing my fans in the comment section guessing who I am.

Sometimes I want to reply to them, maybe take one on a date or go to lunch with another, but work is work yeah?

I love my work though.  I work with the most brilliant set of people, and our HR is always reminding everyone that we are building the best place to work. But omoo, I feel like I need a break sometimes.

Remember the last time I had a break? Alma had a moment on Twitter that got everyone talking. I couldn’t have pulled that off. So you see? I actually work with brilliant people.

Maybe I should take another break soon. I hope my fans and admirers won’t miss me though. Would you?

Oh well, that’s a day in my life.

I should sleep. Tomorrow is another day to guide, to teach and make our customers happy.

See you tomorrow.

With love,
Ope 💙

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