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Entry 4: TGIF?

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It’s Friday once again (the actual Friday lol), the end of another week. TGIF!

Time is quickly passing by, or maybe it’s just me.

Wait. It’s Fridayyyyyyy??????? 😳

Did I meet all my deadlines for the week? Ah! Am I even sending out a notification today? Let me quickly check with the guys… *sends a message on slack*

Whew! 1 down 🙌🏽

So where was I? It’s been an exciting week, really. I started this series so I could share what goes on every day in my life. Not every time “save that 10k you’re about to blow 🌚”.

If you follow us on social media, you’d know that we’re recruiting new team members. Believe me, the outcome has caused a mix of feelings. Overwhelming, yet heartwarming; we got over 4,000 applications. Do you know what that means? 4k+ people out here want to work at Cowrywise 🥺

My guys have been stuck up on how to gracefully ‘dish out Ls’ because we cannot afford to accept all 4k people even if we wanted to. God knows I’m grateful that I’m not on the recruiting team. Faith and the gang are on their own for this one. So pleeeeaaassse, don’t come for me 🌚

Quick gist…

Enor has been saying she needs to write an article on why we sent out assessments for the Product Specialist role and what we expected from the applicants, because bruhhh…

She might not want to write it afterwards and that’s why I’m mentioning it. Now she has to 💀

Moving on…

Today is my colleague’s birthday, Festus. I didn’t plan on missing the cake and fun so guess who’s at the office right now? 😌 Anyway, Festus is one fine Delta boy like that. He writes code for a living while jamming to good music. Some of you would call him a tech bro 😉

So Yayyy! TGIF is starting with cake, drinks, and music at the office. What are you doing to unwind this weekend? We know there’s no breaking the bank, right? 👀 Talk to me in the comments. I want to hear from you too!

See you tomorrow.

Ope 💙

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