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Entry 23: An Interesting Find

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Dear Diary,

I’m here again, scribbling my thoughts, grateful to all of you who have never met me but gather here to read my words and share such beautiful comments every time.

At work today, I was having a conversation with my P & C, Faith, and it started off from career planning, then to marriage then life goals. You know all those five-minute conversations that turn to 2 hours? Yes, just like that.

One of the things he said stuck. “If you save 15% of your current salary for 4 years, you would have enough money to self-sponsor your masters or fund your wedding when you’re ready.”

Hmm. I never thought of it that way. Plus, 15% seems like such an easy bit to put aside.

Think about it, if you earn, say 200,000 naira monthly and you save 15% of that for 4 years, you would have about 1.5 million, at the end of 4 years. That is assuming your salary doesn’t increase o (which I know it would because you are a smart person and village people are not following you lol) 💀

It might look difficult, but if you explore saving circles or join a savings challenge you would be surprised how much money compounds over a period of time – especially with friends and accountability.

You can even use part of the savings to invest in low-risk investments like mutual funds, earning some juicy returns during the process. Sounds great, right?

Now, this is not a shameless plug for Savings Circles or anything.

I’m telling you all of this because I have a major announcement soon, and I feel it’s only right that I shared it with my diary fam first. I just wanted to give you a hint, plus a little bit of context beforehand.

We’re getting closer to the end of my diary series and I feel like I need to be more vulnerable than I have been. There’s some things I’ve held back that I feel you should know – at least for sticking with me for all these days. Some of it is about work, some about T, some about work + T.

I don’t even know if that makes sense, sigh.

Speaking of T, we haven’t talked since we rescheduled. I think we should just do an indoor date. Outdoor events drain me sometimes. This one was supposed to be cute, but it’s now a hassle. My social battery has permanently been on 2% lately. Please tell me you get me 😩

How do you manage your social battery when you’re at different engagements?

It’s being a long day already, I need to rest. I owe y’all tea though.

See you tomorrow.

With love,
Ope 💙

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