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Entry 22: Raincheck

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It’s been raining all day today, and I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

T and I have a date planned today at one of my favourite spots.

It’s a good thing because it would be such a cosy date – or should I say “would have been”, because this spot is an outdoor setting 😩

I already planned everything out in my head, but the sunny day gave into these cats and dogs.

This is my first proper date with T – you know, one where we both dress up and all that, but now it’s raining.

Maybe we should change the location, or just take a raincheck and do this on the weekend.

This scenario just made me think about something somewhat unrelated.

A lot of times, we plan way ahead for rainy days, we save, we invest, but we still find ourselves in situations beyond our control.

The truth is: as humans, there’s only so much that we know and can plan for. So, sometimes, when things don’t go your way, don’t beat yourself up about it. Breathe, and give yourself a pat on the back for the effort you made.

I’m not encouraging mediocrity, or giving you a savings/investment raincheck – because you should definitely save and invest now 🌚. All I’m saying is, take responsibility for everything within your control – fix a date, wear a nice outfit, put on perfume and be ready on time. When it starts to rain and it disrupts your plans, take a raincheck, sit back and make the best of the situation you have.

I’ve rescheduled the date with T, and changed into my house clothes. I’m about to binge-watch the last two seasons of Modern Family for the fourth time before I go to sleep.

Tomorrow, we go again.

Talk soon.

Ope 💙

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