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Entry 13: Of MacBooks, Emergencies & Shawls

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“Prepare for an emergency.” 
“Plan for unexpected circumstances”
“Save for rainy days”

I’ve known these all my life, and I’ve even written them to you in a few of my posts and emails. But bruh, there are some emergencies that make you lose all sense of composure.

A few months ago, I was handed a 2020 Macbook Pro at the office. I was super excited. That was the most advanced laptop—even gadget—that I’d ever used and I couldn’t stop talking about it.

Little did I know my village people were lurking somewhere, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

And oh, the time came.

On a particular Thursday, I ordered a taxi home as I usually do. I worked in the car all the way home, as I had a lot to cover. Finally, I got close. I alighted and took a bike home since taxis aren’t allowed into my estate sometimes.

When I got home, I showered and sat down to resume my work. Guess what? My Macbook screen had broken. I could see a pierced spot on the screen and lights were flashing in bright primary colours. It felt like a dream, I actually hoped it was a dream.

I closed the laptop hoping it just needed a reset, opened it again but nothing changed. I carried the laptop and tried to shake it a little bit, expecting a miracle. Yet, none came.

I started to cry. 😢

Do you know how it feels to have damaged something in less than one month or so? You know, it’s even worse when you can’t explain how it got damaged.

So, I checked Google…

“How much is 2020 Macbook Pro Screen?” As I expected, the results weren’t so friendly. I had saved enough money in my savings plans, but the earliest was set to mature in 4 months. Money saved in Cowrywise is not held in cash and one has no access to it until maturity, so I knew that wasn’t an option. 

In cases like these, emergency funds are the go-to options but mine wasn’t as bulky because I had been prioritizing my circles and regular savings. I swore to take my emergency plan super seriously moving forward. 

On the other hand, I didn’t think it was wise to repair company property by myself. What if it got damaged more?

So, I picked up my phone to call Faith. I couldn’t merge the words together in my head, so I sent a text. Amidst tears, I typed the text message and sent it out. Surprisingly, he was very calm and directed me to the right person. In a few weeks, my laptop was repaired and handed over to me again. He deserves the “Best in HR” award tbh.

Now, not even a fly dares touch this Macbook. It’s my baby. I already got a cover for it, and I’ll double it, if possible. Call it two-factor authentication. 👀

By the way, you should turn on your 2FA if you haven’t yet. We all need that extra layer of protection.

Oh well, if it ever trends on Twitter that “Ope from Cowrywise carries a Macbook around with a shawl”, now you know why. I hope I can trust you to defend me.

Talk tomorrow.

Ope 💙

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