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Entry 12: Happy Democracy-ish Day

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A lot of seemingly wild things are really normal to me.

Camels have three eyelids? Wild, but normal.
The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body? Arguable, but normal.
It’s impossible for humans to lick their elbows? Makes sense.

(Okay now you look like a crazy person, put your tongue back in lol)

One thing that would never be normal to me is something I just saw in Feranmi’s article today:

“In Nigeria, according to its latest data, over 40% of our wealth is controlled by the top 10%, and a meagre 12% is controlled by the bottom 50%.”

This is as crazy and insulting as it is exhausting.
Can you see the numbers I’m seeing? 12% controlled by 50% 🀯

But of course, slap it on the calendar, and we’re celebrating Democracy Day.
What’s so democratic about these numbers? Ugh, I’m pissed.
Read the full article, and you’d see what I’m saying.

Bottom line, I want to unsubscribe from this country please 😭 I want out. I said I’m not doing democracy day again ooo. Free me. Even if I have to lap people on the plane, please get me out of here 😭 All this country does is add to my headache. Sigh.

Speaking of headaches..

I’m recovering rather quickly thanks to the love I’ve been receiving from the team. This morning it felt like the malaria held me and turned me upside down. I couldn’t complain too much because I could have just rested when I felt stressed, or taken a test earlier than I did. I’m learning again, for the umpteenth time, to never take my wellbeing for granted.

Please y’all should learn from me o. Don’t be doing hard guy for malaria 😭 See a doctor and get treated early.

Again, I’m so grateful for my team at Cowrywise. I didn’t have to deal with any pressure to push my body beyond its recuperating speed. On top of that, I got a lot of sweet “Get well soon” messages plus a basket of fruits.

I don’t even want to think about how Omobolaji, our Finance Manager, felt about this payment because she scrutinizes every spend πŸ˜…. In fact, she’s probably the one praying the loudest for me to get better because of all the gifts they’ve had to get me πŸ˜…

But humanity before frugality, yeah? It’s the culture at Cowrywise. Speaking of culture, Faith, our People & Culture Lead has been checking up on me nonstop.

“Have you been to the hospital?”
“Are you taking your meds?”
“Are we over-working you or you are just stressed?”

Alma couldn’t stop talking about how Razaq ate her Fox’s cookies, and now, Razaq has performed some of my tasks. As in, he did my work just so I have more time to rest! Not all heroes wear capes πŸ₯Ί

Anyway, I’m feeling zen right now. I’m just going to bask in it while I let my fingers and eyes rest.
See you tomorrow.

Ohh, and Happy Democrazy Day πŸ™„

Ope πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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