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Discovering my Career Path while interning at Cowrywise

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Being an ambassador at FUOYE

If anything, interning at Cowrywise is the best thing that has happened to me this year. I have been a Cowrywise campus ambassador at the Federal University of Oye, Ekiti [FUOYE] for quite some time and being an ambassador has been amazing and rewarding. There were activities and programs geared towards financial education that we had to plan and carry out. It was fun, working with my fellow students to do something impactful and fulfilling.

As a creative writer, I enjoy taking abstracts and putting them into words, but I needed a lot more tutoring and guidance. I also needed help figuring out my career path. That was what my one-month internship at Cowrywise did for me.

Getting the internship

I applied for the August internship cohort and made it to the interview stage but I didn’t get in. I was hurt and pained. I had dreamt about getting into Cowrywise for a while now. The fact that I got an interview was enough to keep my hopes high. But that was how far I got – the interview.

I tried again in September and this time around, I got in! I was proud of myself! I got in! Whoo! I couldn’t wait for what my experience was going to look like. I had no idea what to expect. I was just excited to begin my life as an intern at Cowrywise. 

I got accepted as a growth marketing intern with a major focus on content writing. And so it began.

Finding my feet at Cowrywise

I got prepped on my first day on what my job would look like and I got a hang of what was expected of me during my internship period. 

Immediately, I began working with Felix Akinnibi, the SEO Specialist on writing SEO articles. Before then, I had always been writing but still, I was amazed at how much work goes into writing for the Cowrywise blog. It was more than just putting words together. It was about writing to achieve a particular goal, to send a particular message across. And in my case as an SEO content writer, my writing was majorly to optimise for search engines such as Google.

I also worked with Michael Oladele, a growth marketing associate at Cowrywise, to write research and data-driven articles. This was difficult initially and it took me over a week to get the hang of it. But I did eventually.

I worked with Oyinlola Akindele, a growth marketing manager at Cowrywise to create social media content such as Twitter threads and carousels and I also worked closely with Mobolaji Olorisade to write LinkedIn posts and create IG reels. 

Working with the entire team on different projects exposed me to various aspects of growth marketing. As someone who is new to the industry and still trying to find my foot, this diverse learning and working experience really helped in my decision-making. In the end, I settled for SEO Writing. 

A picture of Felix Akinnibi and the intern, Morenikeji Odebiyi
Felix Akinnibi, SEO Specialist and Morenikeji Odebiyi, Growth Marketing Intern

Starting at Cowrywise, the sky is the limit! 🚀

I am super happy to have started my career at Cowrywise. Being my first official workplace, I learned more about teamwork, effective communication, basic work ethics and most importantly, financial education.

The culture at Cowrywise is amazing and the relationship among the staff is just wonderful to see.

It’s hard to put all I have learned into writing but one thing is certain, I had a good thing. I would definitely do it again if given the chance.

I am thankful to the Cowrywise ambassadors’ program for the opportunity to intern, and develop myself as a professional in SEO and also grateful for the chance to contribute to the growth of the company.

This is just the beginning. Cheers to many more opportunities.

The Cowrywise Campus Ambassadors Community comprise of over 2000 students from over 90 tertiary institutions. In the past one year, we’ve had many of our ambassadors intern with us. To become an ambassador, click here.

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