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Navigating Uncharted Waters: My Journey as the First Product Management Intern at Cowrywise

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As I wrap up my internship at Cowrywise, I have a bittersweet mix of excitement and nostalgia within me. This experience has been one of perseverance, growth, and stepping into uncharted territory. 

Every task has taught me lessons and the experiences have shaped my understanding of product management and innovation, which will forever be a blessing.

Before the Dream: The Persistence of Pursuit

It’s important to recognize the initial hurdles I experienced even before I walked through Cowrywise’s doors, which eventually paved the way for this journey. I didn’t secure this position on my first attempt, I had to apply twice, before finally earning a spot. This experience is a reminder that success often requires tenacity and a willingness to embrace setbacks and see them as stepping stones to future achievements.

A Warm Welcome and Double Dose of Onboarding

The first day was a mix of excitement and jitters. There were a lot of introductions, handshakes, hugs, and smiles which set a friendly tone. I met Voke, my fellow intern, and we connected and found that we had a lot in common. We kicked things off with a double dose of onboarding sessions – one by the Community Lead, Timi, and another by the Senior Product Manager, Yami, who also happened to be my line manager. The latter session was an eye-opener to Product Management, It was here that I got my first glimpse into the company’s Product Playbook, its mission, and the bigger picture we were all a part of.

In the Beginning…

The journey began with a captivating task in my first week – to ponder upon ideas to increase the number of active users in the Cowrywise Campus Ambassadorship community. But what defines “active“? The number of ambassadors with a minimum of ₦1,000 in their Cowrywise account. This task ignited my strategic thinking and prompted me to explore creative avenues to increase the level of financial engagement within the community.

Diving In

As I settled into the role, the second week flew by in a blur of researching and strategizing. My focus? A research plan for a product survey aimed at increasing the number of active Cowrywise Campus ambassadors. This research plan wasn’t just a list of steps; it was a blueprint that encompassed key components like:

  1. Decision Description: I highlighted the core decision we aimed to achieve – increasing the number of active campus ambassadors.
  2. Evidence Needs: I identified the evidence needed to make informed decisions – insights from campus ambassadors themselves.
  3. Stakeholders: I recognized the key stakeholders involved, including the Product team, the Growth team, and the Management team of the Cowrywise Ambassadors.
  4. Audience: I pinpointed our target audience – the campus ambassadors.
  5. Methods and Channels – I outlined the method I’d employ to gather insights, in this case via a survey.
  6. Questions – I crafted the questions that would bring to the surface the challenges, preferences, and needs of campus ambassadors.

Fast forward to the third week, and I found myself in a product survey mania, Armed with key components from the research plan, I crafted a survey that was focused on driving up the engagement of the campus ambassadors. This survey, however, wasn’t just about numbers; it aimed to uncover deeper insights into the minds of campus ambassadors. Insights like the details of their financial capabilities and constraints. These insights subsequently guided me in crafting tailored solutions to address their inactivity. 

From Research to Action – Sending Out the Survey

The survey was sent out to the ambassadors via a Google form and I couldn’t help but feel the excitement as each response rolled in, giving me a peek into their thoughts, aspirations, and ideas. As the week concluded, I began piecing together a roadmap. And with the survey responses, I created a roadmap that tackled the core issues the ambassadors had highlighted. It was exciting to visualize how the company’s plans aligned with the needs and dreams of the ambassadors.

In the blink of an eye, it was the fourth week. It was here, that the roadmap got a groundbreaking feature: a personalized Onboarding flow for campus ambassadors. The idea was to welcome them with open arms, tailor the journey to their preferences, and make their experience on the app unforgettable.

Lessons Beyond the Desk

While learning about roadmaps, surveys, and feature specs, there was also time to unwind. I was privileged to experience an office day. Office days in Cowrywise is a typical day where the entire team at Cowryise converges at the office for a special gathering. It is a unique opportunity to come together, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. 

On this particular day, we were treated to a session by the CEO of the company, Razaq Ahmed, who shared invaluable insights on “what it takes to build a J-curve.” The insights shared were invaluable, offering us a peek into the mindset required for exponential growth. They were life lessons that will stay with me long after my internship ends.

Key Takeaways: Lessons Gained and Growth Achieved

My journey as a Product Management Intern at Cowrywise has been a transformative exploration. From conceptualizing strategies to crafting impactful features, every step has led to invaluable insights:

  1. Strategic Vision: Crafting roadmaps and product specifications taught me the art of envisioning products that align with both user needs and business goals.
  2. User-Centric Empathy: The survey and feature design emphasized the importance of empathetic understanding to create solutions aligned with users’ unique circumstances.
  3. Innovation through Collaboration: Collaborating with seasoned professionals revealed the power of diverse perspectives in driving innovation.

This internship has been a chapter of growth, transformation, and innovation. From igniting ideas in the first week to creating impactful features, each stage has affirmed my passion for Product Management. With newfound determination, I eagerly step into the next phase of my career, armed with the knowledge and skills cultivated during this internship.


As I close this chapter, I do so with a heart brimming with gratitude. Special accolades are due to the dynamic Product team members – Esther and Khose. Your unwavering support and eagerness to share your expertise have been a beacon of guidance.

To the Senior Product Manager, Yami – you’re a beacon of wisdom. Thank you for taking me under your wing, offering invaluable advice, and patiently explaining the practical nuances of Product Management. Your mentorship has profoundly shaped my journey.

And to Timi, our Community Lead, your open-hearted guidance and readiness to offer assistance have been very instrumental in this journey.

To the entire Cowrywise family, I’m grateful for the opportunity, the learning, and the chance to be a part of Cowrywise.

Thank you, Cowrywise, for the internship opportunity and for also being a profound chapter in my journey of growth and discovery.


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