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Simplified by Cowrywise – How to Financially Plan for the New Year

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If like Sisi Yemmie, you want to financially plan for the new year, then this post is for you!

Simplified by Cowrywise are events periodically held to help break down how money works for everyday people. Yarmirama Ashama, our Product Manager at Cowrywise and Damilola Hassan, the MD of Meristem Trustees Limited both shared enlightening points at a recent Simplified event. Here’s a summary from their sessions on how to make better money moves in the coming year.

Lessons from Yami’s Everyday Money Lifestyle

Irrespective of what has happened in 2020, 2021 gives you the opportunity for a fresh start. These guiding principles will help get started.

Define your identity

Who do you want to be and why do you want to be that person?
Why do you want to make money, save and invest?

Beyond creating money goals, understanding why will help you stay for the long haul. Instead of focusing on just getting an outcome, focus more on redefining yourself. For example, redefining yourself as a more financially independent person will influence the goals you create and how disciplined you will be.
Many people create goals and then don’t accomplish them because a lot of the time, they do not have a why attached to their goals.

Understand where you are, accept your reality, financially plan for progress

  • How much do you currently earn?
  • How do you spend your money?
  • Do you have money saved or invested?
  • How much do you have in debt?

These questions are not asked to make you feel bad. Instead, you can use the knowledge from your answers to create a plan that works for you. A plan that can lead to your next phase of accomplishments.

Build habits and systems

What do you need to do to financially plan for the coming year?
An easy place to start is by leveraging everyday tools that you already have access to.

We built Cowrywise not only to help you save and invest but to also help you automate the process. You may start small or big 😉, it depends on what you can afford to save at the moment.

Think progress over perfection so the key here is discipline and consistency.

Play iterated games. All the returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships or knowledge come from compound interest. – Naval Ravikant

Doing Better with your Money by Damilola Hassan – The What, When and How.

What do you want for yourself?

Paint a picture of where you’re headed, especially with your money goals. It should not be vague because if you’re clueless as to what you want to achieve, your dedication will be haphazard.

When do you want it?

Set short term (12-18 months), medium term (2-3 years) and long term (4, 5+ years) goals that are realistic.

For example, a short term goal of yours can be to purchase a car. Find out the cost of the car and then create a purchase plan with your current income in mind.

If you need One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira (₦1,500,000) in 12 months to purchase the car; find out if you are able to set aside enough money in this time frame.

If 12 months is not looking feasible with your level of income, then you need to either adjust the timeline or adjust your income level by finding legitimate ways to earn more.

How do you achieve your money goals in 2021 and beyond?

  • Be an investor (invest in your total you). Be a financial investor but go beyond that to invest in relationships and your personal development.
  • Make and stick to a budget. What do you earn now and how do you spend it? Do not just have an “idea” of what you spend your money on. Instead, track and keep records.
  • Understand the concept of risk and returns in investments. The higher the returns, the higher the risk, and vice versa. To do better with your money, consciously gather the information that will help you manage your money better. In other words, open Ope’s emails. 😁

The best time to plant a bamboo tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

No matter the money mistakes you’ve made in the past, a new year gives you the opportunity to start over. Keep this short guide handy to help you be accountable and follow through with the things you’ve decided on for the new year!

We’re rooting for you!

Which tip from this guide will you incorporate in the new year?

Share with us in the comments below and remember to send this to your friends to help them better plan their finances too. Let’s stay winning together. ✊

You can also watch the full session by clicking the link below.

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