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Campus Ambassador Design Internship: Talents get better at Cowrywise

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In this blog post, Olaoluwa Adesakin, a Cowrywise campus ambassador who interned at the Cowrywise HQ during the month of August 2022 talks about the campus ambassador program, his experience as an intern and what this means for his career growth.

How it all started

From the first time I came across Cowrywise, I was intrigued by the company’s design system. Little did I know that a time would come when I would become a part of the campus ambassador internship program

As someone who loves responsive brand identities, seeing Cowrywise’s creatives pushed out made my love for the brand more evident. I always wondered what it took to create such amazing visuals that the brand portrayed. So when I saw that an ambassador program was created for students who would like to increase their financial literacy and improve their careers, I applied immediately.

Olaoluwa Adesakin, campus ambassador design intern at Cowrywise.

The Ambassadors Program prepared me

After applying, I was selected to be a part of the orientation process after which we were grouped into schools in the Slack community. As a student of Agriculture at the University of Ilorin, I found other ambassadors from my school who were also committed to building their careers. We took on different tasks and attended different masterclasses organised by Cowrywise to help us grow our skills and enhance our career growth.

I became even more responsible when I was appointed the team lead for the Kwara State student ambassadors. Looking to develop my design skills, I also joined the ambassador design team to help create designs for the ambassador community.

The Campus Ambassador Internship Program 🥳

Our community manager announced that applications for the internship program were open for August 2022 and I applied to intern as a creative designer with the growth team at Cowrywise.

Out of 100+ applicants, I got selected for an interview after which I was sent an offer letter to resume as a creative design intern at Cowrywise. Just like that, I was part of the two campus ambassadors who would work with the Cowrywise team for the month of August.

Day One as a design intern.

Although I was already a campus ambassador for over a year, this was my first time at the Cowrywise HQ. I had not had the time to visit earlier. I was welcomed by Michael and he introduced me to the staff at Cowrywise. He also took me on an office tour. I fell in love with the workspace immediately. 🤩

After the tour, we had an onboarding session where we got more familiar with the brand values and work culture. Emmanuel Faith, the People and Culture Lead walked us through the onboarding process and made sure we settled in comfortably.

I also met Kizito, the Creative Designer at Cowrywise. He walked me through the brand’s design guidelines. Right there, my dream of getting to know how Cowrywise identity designs stood out became a reality

4 weeks of growth 🚀

I worked on several projects together with Kizito and other members of the growth team. I created social media designs, in-app Cards, illustrations and motion designs. One project that I loved so much was my first isometric illustration. This was something I had never done before and I was so excited to create it. In 4 weeks, I went from not knowing how to use Figma to using the same tool for several projects.

In addition to my work as a design intern, I worked with Michael to manage the ambassadors’ community. I facilitated engagement activities and encouraged financial literacy among my fellow ambassadors. This made me bond well with different ambassadors in different parts of the country.

My knowledge about growth marketing broadened during the campus ambassador internship. I was exposed to a series of marketing campaigns and projects the team worked on.

The Cowrywise Growth Team

Bonding with experts

Working with a team can be difficult; sometimes you wonder if you are doing it all wrong. However, the growth team at Cowrywise made it easy. My direct managers checked in on my progress frequently and introduced me to multiple productivity tools.

Talents get better at Cowrywise

Apart from my design skills getting better, I got better at teamwork, community management, and customer support. This internship also strengthened my financial literacy. I learnt how to be ‘free yet responsible’ – big shoutout to Emmanuel Faith for promoting the culture here.

Opportunities like the Cowrywise campus ambassador internship are rare. I’m grateful for the chance to contribute to the value created at Cowrywise.

Cheers to more opportunities. 🎉

Olaoluwa Adesakin and Zoe Oyesanya, campus ambassador interns at Cowrywise.

At Cowrywise, we are intentional about personal development and career advancement for our campus ambassadors. To be a part of this community of personal finance enthusiasts, become a Cowrywise campus ambassador.


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