How Cowrywise Works – How to Save and Invest Money with Cowrywise

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The simple step-by-step guide on how Cowrywise works, and you can use it to save and invest money in Nigeria.

1. How to sign up on Cowrywise

Signing up on Cowrywise is super easy and fast. This video will show you how to in minutes.

2. How to add a new bank or  card

If you want to add a new bank or add/delete a card, we have a video to help also.

We verify cards by saving NGN100 from the card into your default saving plan. Your default saving plan is the first periodic plan you create.

3. How to create life goal plans on Cowrywise

Some goals need more than 3-months to be met. Goals such as family money plans, education plans and the likes. For these, we designed Life Goals. They help you play the long game at your pace.

4. How to create saving plans on Cowrywise

We have a saying that a million naira dream starts with a NGN100 step. To take that step, you’ll need a savings plan, so we created a short video to help.

5. How to buy mutual funds online with Cowrywise

Did you know that we make it possible for you to access top mutual funds in Nigeria with as low as NGN100? No jokes. The video below shows you how to get started.

6. How to edit your plans on Cowrywise

If you wish to turn off the automation for any of your plans, we’ve got you covered. You can also edit so many other things associated with your plan. With this video, you won’t get lost. 

7. How to invest in dollar mutual funds with Cowrywise

Do you want a taste of that international pie? We have a well-baked option on Cowrywise. It takes less than 2 minutes to invest in one. Don’t believe? Check out the video below and start investing in dollars.

8. How to top up your savings and investment plans

What happens when you have loose cash to invest? You top up! Follow the steps in this video and you won’t get stuck.

Now that you’ve learnt how Cowrywise works, create an account here to start saving and invite your friends.

Happy Savings!

This post remains evergreen. We will continue to update it as we add more features.


Frequently Asked Questions about BVN on Cowrywise

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