How To Travel In Africa On A Budget

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Given the drive to achieve as much as we can there is hardly any time to go on vacation; even when we do go on one we stay glued to our work remotely. Interestingly, refusing to take a proper vacation can negatively impact your productivity and increase your chances of a heart attack. Hence, you can consider investing in a vacation plan as investing in your health. Asides from planning the schedule, you also have to plan how to fund the vacation so you do not go on vacation only to resume debts.

To help with planning your vacations in a smart manner, we had an engaging chat with Funmi Oyatogun of TVP Adventures. She describes herself as Nigeria’s most adventurous woman; given the value, she delivered through the chat we believe she might just be right. That said let us share some excerpts of the chat with you.

Funmi Oyatogun

Cutting down costs while planning a vacation is quite important and one way to go about that is employing the use of traveller miles. On this Funmi says: “Here’s the trick. You might not always be able to fly one airline but you can fly different airlines within an alliance. It is almost the same as flying one airline because alliance partners share miles! The more you fly within an alliance, the faster you accrue miles!” Alliances available to Nigerians for foreign trips are the Sky Team Alliance, Star Alliance, OneWorld.

Also, Funmi is heavily invested in group travels, she says: “Group travel builds amazing community, you build better memories, you spend less money (overhead costs are shared) and you have a lot better on-the-road experiences! Group travel is lit!”. To participate in such group trips or any vacation at all she suggests that you save a percentage of your earnings, after saving for your rent, future investment etc., for your vacations.

If you plan on having a group vacation this year you can create a Savings Circle on Cowrywise. With a Savings Circle, you do not only get to enjoy a better travel experience by travelling as a group. You also get to crash the travel costs, because together means cheaper.

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On vacationing in Africa, she said surreal locations on the continent are closer and more affordable than we tend to think, and went on to suggest five examples:

Affordable African Country #1: Benin Republic!

When I shared the gems of Benin Republic, Twitter went wild! We have group packages for less than 150k (all inclusive). In fact, we returned last week from a trip with 16 people! See the trending post –

— Funmi Oyatogun (@funmioyatogun) June 7, 2018