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Travelling for The Holidays? Save Money with These 5 Tips

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It’s that time of the year again! Flight tickets, hotels and tour packages are getting sold out. Everyone is going somewhere – either within the country or outside. Whether you’re team sit-in-my-house or you’re team “we outsideee”, in one way or the other, the buzz would get to you. 

While you do all the outings or travels you have planned, remember that January is coming. Worry about your future o, don’t listen to those TikToks and Reels. The smart ones are already in the Jolly January circle. Do yourself a favour by joining them to save for the longest month of the year.

That said, in this article, I’m going to remind you of a few money-saving (lifesaving, even) tips to have when travelling, so you don’t end up stranded wherever you go, or miserable when you get back.

1. Lock-Up Money before you go

While on vacation or your outings, you might, scratch that, you will get tempted to overspend. That subtle voice will come to whisper “YOLO” in your ears and you will be tempted to listen to it. That’s why it is important to have money saved or set aside in a locked plan so you don’t even have access to it until you are back home (to reality). A life-saving hack, believe me.

2. Don’t Change Your Money at the Airport

The exchange rates at the airports are quite ridiculously steep. You’d do yourself a favour by doing your money exchange outside the airport – better still in the country where your money has more value. 

3. Do your bookings way in advance

If you’re reading this, and you plan to travel this Christmas and you haven’t booked your flight, you’re not serious. Christmas that is peak period? Hmmm. Flights should be booked at least 6 weeks in advance if you’re trying to save cost. Hotels, tours, and other things can be booked closer, but try to plan early and book in good time.

4. Take Advantage of Sales and Discounts

Early-bird, Black Friday, End of year sales. There are a lot of them, and even more, coming up every day. Take advantage of these price slashes to save your coins. Some extensions give you money back on most purchases. Use them when you can. 

5. Pair Up

Solo travel can be very expensive, so if you’re trying to save some $$, get a travel buddy. You should be able to split the cost of almost everything – except flights, of course (unless you want to lap each other on the plane lol, it hasn’t gotten to that please dkm 💀). On a serious note though, get a travel buddy if you’re down for it and you can save even more.

These are my holy grail tips for travelling for the holidays. Many of these tips apply even though your plan for Detty December is concert-hopping. Buy early bird tickets. While at it, remember: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, all these would end in January o. Join the Jolly January circle to save now so you don’t start cutting people off in January because they’re fake friends 🥴

“Only in times of adversity that you know who your real friends are.”

You that did not save, are you your own real friend? Join the Jolly January circle now to make sure you don’t eat your future this holiday period.

Share this post with your friends, so they know not to ask you for urgent 2K, or cut you off when you say your money is locked on Cowrywise. It’s called being proactive. You’re welcome.

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