The Cobbler with Two Jobs – Streetwise Episode 4

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In Streetwise episode 4, we had Usman, a cobbler and security officer who makes a living to take care of himself and his family of eight back home in the north.

He relies on the daily income from working as a cobbler to survive, while he sends his full security officer salary to his family back home.

During our conversation with Usman, he talked to us about how he had been working these two jobs for the past 7 years and how his financial priority at the moment is his family.

Is there another way to prioritize your family’s present and still save for their future? Absolutely. But with his earnings, we recognise that it’s easier said than done.

We asked him the second one of our golden questions:

“If you received 1 million naira right now, what would you do with it?”

His answer showed that he had goals for a lucrative business in Lagos other than what he currently does, and it was especially commendable that he answered the question without a second thought. He even answered it with a smile on his face and a gleam of hope.

Usman is not much of a talker, so this is the shortest episode yet, but Streetwise episode 4 is one you should watch if you love realistic human stories. Tap on the video below and get to watching! It’s only five minutes long.

Streetwise Episode 4

In case you’re curious, find out why we decided to do Streetwise here.

Have you watched this episode yet? What stood out most for you? Let me know in the comments.

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