Streetwise by Cowrywise: Money Conversations on the Streets

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At Cowrywise, when we say we’re passionate about helping Nigerians build wealth, we’re not just talking about the estimated 20% who have smartphones. Given, Cowrywise is a digital platform, but who says impact can only be measured in downloads and sign-ups?

Cowrywise is set to democratise access to wealth, and guess where it starts…

With information.

Over the years, we’ve received testimonials which we’ve documented here, seen people build healthy saving habits, create diversified portfolios that would have Wall Street on its knees, and make healthier financial decisions simply because we gave them access to more information. 

Again, this access is not just in the sign-ups and downloads. It’s in the blog posts, the emails, the tweets – all of it adds up to create the more wealth-conscious generation we’re ever so proud of.

Seeing the critical role information has played in providing access and helping people achieve their financial goals, we’ve decided to take a break from our air-conditioned comfort zone, and hit the road.

This time, we’re taking it to the streets – outside the walls of social media, beyond the confines of Ope’s mails. We’re starting conversations – the old-fashioned way – with the 80% who do not have as much access to this information. Let’s learn about their finances and goals.

Think about it…

How much does a car mechanic or vulcanizer earn in a week? A month? What is his dream car and how does he plan to buy it?

Ever wondered how a kiosk owner keeps a business afloat even with customers constantly buying “on credit”?

What’s a typical day in the life of a cobbler or security officer? What are their money goals and what fuels their everyday hustle on the streets of Lagos?

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, then you don’t want to miss Streetwise.

Streetwise by Cowrywise is a YouTube docu-series aimed at telling human money stories of the everyday people who make a living on the street. The roadside hawker who earns money by standing and running. The taxi driver who gets richer by sitting and driving. Everyone on the street has a story no one has bothered to tell.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

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