8 Ways To Save On Electric Bills

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Financial prudence is applicable to power consumption. Electric bills are skyrocketing these days and one of the ways to still keep your expenses under control is to be mindful of how you consume electricity.

This article explores some ways you can trim down your electricity bills.

How much electricity does the average household consume?

The average per hour data of Nigeria’s Electricity Consumption was reported at 2,885.450 MWh in March 2022.

Electricity Consumption: Average per Hour. SOURCE: | CBN

With the number of appliances we have today, we seem to be consuming roughly the same amount of electricity as we did four years ago. This insinuates that our appliances have gotten more power efficient over time. 

However, let’s reiterate some things to keep in mind.

How to save on electric bills

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1. Use energy-efficient bulbs

Though non-energy-efficient bulbs are cheaper than energy-efficient bulbs, they consume more electricity. Energy-efficient bulbs can last up to 12 times as long as non-energy efficient bulbs, using less energy to emit the same light.

2. Switch off the lights

Switch off lights when they are not in use, most especially during the day. Some people just like to see the bulbs have light every time. Unless the room is too dark for comfort, don’t be like these people.

3. Reduce the use of fans

According to a power consumption analysis during the power crisis in India, ceiling fans were found to be one of the major power-consuming sources. One of the reasons is because of the amount of time they are left on. if you cannot replace your ceiling fan with a more energy-saving option, treat it like light; switch it off when not in use.

4. Your refrigerator is a big deal

Refrigerators consume a lot of electricity, mostly when they are non-energy-saving brands. They consume up to 1 to 2 kilowatts-hour for a full day and this also depends on the model or brand. A good way to optimize your fridge’s energy consumption is to ensure it has adequate ventilation or move it to a part of the house where it can get one. This helps cut down power consumption.

5. Consult power management experts

It is advised to consult power management experts from time to time regarding your electricity consumption, especially if you own a large residence or office space. These experts provide a detailed evaluation of your electricity consumption by doing an energy audit.

An energy audit is a survey done at a residential building to determine its energy efficiency.

6. Use solar panels

Installing solar panels in your home is another efficient way to cut the cost of electricity. Lagos receives about 1,885 hours of sunlight a year. How much of that are you tapping to save on electric bills?

7. Reduce the use of water heaters

The water heater only needs to be on for a short time and not left to run all day. 20 minutes before use is fine and turn it off after use. Drain the tank from time to time, so it is more effective. If not, you could be heating through sediments and wasting more energy.

Using a tankless water heater is more advisable because it uses less energy.

8. Use dimmer switches

Dimmer switches help you customize the brightness of a room and conserve energy.

What raises electricity bills the most?

Anything that heats and cools in your house like the AC, oven, or electric iron usually consumes the most electricity. Others include; washing machines and electric cookers. 

Bottom line

If you are intentional about saving on your electricity bill, take some time to go around your home and note the appliances that consume the most power. Unplugging what is not in use could go a long way to not only save energy but ultimately save some of your monthly expenses on power.


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