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How to Financially Plan for a Wedding without Incurring Debt

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Yesterday, I was scrolling through Reddit when I saw a post with the caption “Dream wedding or Debt wedding, who cares?”. Because I care, abi which one is debt wedding again, I paused.

Out of curiosity, I clicked it and saw comments from couples from different countries and places sharing their wedding experiences and life after the wedding. Most of the stories shared were from couples talking about how broke they were after their wedding. I was like how? why? So I kept digging and finally understood why couples go broke after their wedding and honeymoon. 

These days, it’s like luxury is the “normal”, and being modest can be tagged as outdated. You may be “broke shamed’ (yes, this is a thing 🌚) if you do not have a fancy wedding and reception.

Some people don’t care how they get married and would even rather elope 😂, but for a large number of others, their public image is everything. Many young couples overlook the effects an over-budgeted wedding has on post-wedding life. Is it really worth it to have a ‘’talk of the town” event if it’s something you can’t afford?

A lot of newlyweds get broke after their wedding. And here’s why:

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! This isn’t cliche 🌚

You’ll be close to being correct if you said this is the primary reason why so many newlyweds are broke. To maintain control over circumstances (including wedding planning), you must plan – dot every I and cross every T. Nothing should come as a surprise surprise to you. I put surprise twice because unexpected things often happen while planning for a wedding, but if you and your partner plan excellently well (with a list, I’ll advise), nothing should totally throw you off balance.

To keep everything running, you’ll need a steady source of income. Getting married without a financial plan can leave you really vulnerable. So as you prepare for the wedding, prepare for life after as well.

You are not your friend – All fingers aren’t equal

Just because your friend did A or B at their wedding doesn’t mean you should do the same.

Some couples spend millions in an attempt to outdo what their friends or family have done but weddings aren’t a competition. 🙄

If you can afford to go all out, of course, you can plan the wedding of your dreams. What I’m pointing out here is planning a wedding based on someone else’s. You do not have to copy – you can get inspired and not have to copy.

Even if you can afford it but decide to go for a small wedding with only a few guests, that’s fine too! Make YOUR choice.

Family pressure 😫

There’s the pressure of seeing someone else’s wedding and craving that, and then there’s the pressure of comments like “Did you see your cousin’s asoebi? You should get something similar!”

Family may put you under a lot of pressure, tempting you to give in to their requests and “suggestions”, but remember that after the wedding, it’s you and your partner that will live together in the house oh. 😏


Granted, honeymoons are essential. I’m actually a big fan of getting away and enjoying time alone with the “loyl” so if you can go all out, you should. It’s really this one life you have so enjoyment should be part of your life.

It’s the start of a lifelong adventure that often culminates in cherished memories. However, if there’s no money for Maldives or Paris right now, you can honeymoon in more affordable locations within the country, while you plan and save for another lavish honeymoon.

save for wedding

The debt factor 😬

There are good and bad debts. Good debts like a business loan can be repaid from the funds made from business sales while bad debts are well – bad! This is because they’re used to cover liabilities and not assets that can make you more back.

Weddings are like assets for your soul, but physically, they’re liabilities.

Plan a wedding that’ll not leave you in debt or result in humiliating comments and social media posts from you owing vendors after the event. If you don’t have the financial resources, plan a wedding with vendors you can afford.

Marriage is wonderful, and weddings must be enjoyable, but don’t become broke after your wedding. As they say, your wedding is just day 1 of your marriage so don’t start day 1 with bad debts.

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