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Entry 30: It’s Been Real

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Yooooo!! I’m still very excited about the SEC licence 😌

I’m not even close to being over it yet. I fondly used to refer to Cowrywise as “one of the big four” to my colleagues, and it sounded so crazy, but now, with every win, we get closer.

I remember a couple of years ago, I asked Razaq what it takes to get directly licensed by the SEC. He explained all about the minimum capital, and other stuff required. Then it felt like a long term milestone, but here we are 🎉

By the way, my people were going off on Slack all day because of yesterday’s diary entry. Good thing I’m not in the office today, they would have had my head. 😂

Last night, I was binging on New Amsterdam, and weirdly, it gave me insight into how to handle stuff going on in my life currently. That’s random and completely unrelated, but I digress.

T and I got into a fight, and we haven’t spoken in a bit.

It’s weird because I always looked forward to our late-night banter and daily meme sharing. That has been on pause for a bit and I really wish everything would get back to normal again. T has gotten a lot better at apologizing when I’m hurt about something. It’s very tiny, but I love the intentionality.

I’m in love with T, but “love” is not a word people like to throw around these days, so I’d just leave it at that.

I miss T. So much.

I know T misses me too because we’re at that point where T would randomly text me about an unrelated topic out of the blue just to make conversation, or check if I’m still mad lol. So cute.

“Hey Ope, what soap did you use to wash your hands on Saturday when you came over?”
“Hey, have you been able to fix that bulb in your living room?”

Very random stuff lol. It’s hard to stay mad when you see all the effort, but this hard guy agenda would not push itself now would it?

Speaking of hard guy, notice that I haven’t talked about how this is the last episode of my June marathon diary series. 🥺I’m trying to salvage my hard guy stance, but it’s not even working 😩

What would I be doing if I’m not here dragging my colleagues, or giving y’all hints and tea about my countless dilemmas? 😩It’s only been 30 days and i don’t remember what my life was like before I started this series.

Should I continue for another 30 days? 🌚Should I give y’all weekly roundups instead? Tell me what you want please, because I don’t want to go 🥺

To everyone who came here and engaged with me, brought me solutions, offered me help, and just kept me going here, I appreciate you. It’s been an exciting journey of 30 days. I found love, had fights, made friends, dragged my family, and shared my burdens with you.

Whichever way you decide for us to continue this, I’d be here to consider it. But if you also decide you’ve had enough, and we can stop now, this is where I’d say goodbye then.

I hope my humanity has given you permission to reclaim yours, and be unapologetic about it. Fall in love, plan, dream and do.

If you ever need help, I’d always be here. You can send me a mail just to say hi, or leave me a DM on Instagram, Twitter, wherever you feel like.

I’d be here. Always. After all, what are friends for?

Talk soon. Not tomorrow this time, but soon.

In the meantime, live as freely as you can, embracing every inch of your humanity – your flaws included, spend your money on the things that truly bring you fulfillment, and spend your time with the ones you love.

I’d be here rooting for you.

Ope 💙

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