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Market Slice: Sweet Mutual Funds in June πŸ˜‹

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Cowrywise June market slice Illustration
Cowrywise June market slice Illustration

Hello there πŸ””

So, let’s start with some drama. How do you make $4 billion disappear? We should probably ask the Cajee brothers. Last month, they disappeared with bitcoin worth $3.6 billion 🀯. Sadly, that’s a dangerous downside of zero accountability.

Speaking of accountability…

On the 28th of June, 2021, we announced our licensing from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Before this, we had set up an accountability structure, which was also regulated by the SEC, to provide needed protection for investors. However, this makes that structure a lot more robust and gets us in a better position to build more exciting products for you.

πŸ“ Takeaway

Humans tend to misbehave. Hence, when it comes to money, there are structures in place to keep them in check. At home, as young children, we were sure of parents/older ones keeping children/younger ones in check.

Wherever you invest should feel like home. Cowrywise is home by the way. Check this out πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

7% and other mutual funds in June stories

In June, we had some sweet stories from the mutual funds’ space. Particularly, with money market funds. The steady rise in their returns has paid off for many. In particular, the emergency fund has benefited. Here’s some context; earlier this year emergency funds offered around 1% per annum. As of June 30, the returns sat around 7% per annum πŸš€.

πŸ“ Takeaway

Investments don’t follow a straight path. There are lows and highs, but the lows are evened out over time with great investment choices. By the way, money market funds are quite safe. This is the sense of having your capital kept safe no matter what. And for emergency funds, I think COVID-19 taught us one or two about building them up.

Top Mutual Funds in June 2021

The conservative mutual funds are on beast mode. Most of these are money market funds, which paid out returns on Friday (June 2, 2021). Still not sure how to get quarterly payouts from money market mutual funds? Check here.

Best Performing Conservative Mutual Funds (June 2021)

On the moderate side, that is mutual funds that invest majorly in bonds and other fixed-income instruments, the halal funds stole the show. All top three funds in this category were halal. Start your journey with halal funds here.

High-flying Naira Fixed-Income and Balanced Funds

The Top Dollar Fixed-Income and Balanced Fund

Equity funds have somehow disappointed pessimists who expected a negative run. After a beautiful positive run in 2020, which placed Nigerian equities as the best performing globally, there have been expectations of a downfall. Although things haven’t been as high as last year, they have been quite steady.

Top Equity Mutual Funds in June 2021

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