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I’m doing a breakdance at the moment, and I’m sure you know why already. πŸ’ƒπŸ½

We are SEC licensed! πŸŽ‰

This is super huge for us at Cowrywise, and we took some group pictures yesterday to accompany the release. The dress code was corporate.

Now if anyone knows tech bros, you’d know that suit and tie do not fit in the mix. It was hilarious!

Come and see our CTO dressed to kill. I doubt he could write code in that suit, and the matching shoes so crisp you could see your reflection in them.

We had to appreciate models and their patience, because how do you stand in different positions smiling for such a long time? The ladies didn’t come to play either – the gowns and heels were too hot to handle. We probably should do this often. 🌚

Tech bros will haunt me if they hear this lol.

I’m gradually coming to the end of my diary and I’m teary.

I remember earlier on when I started this, one of the things I promised to do was to snitch on some of my colleagues 🌚 I thought to do that today because tomorrow is my work-from-home day, so yeah, I’ll be safe in my house when some of them read this entry.

I mean, the secrets are not totally bad. πŸ‘€

Take Yami for example, there’s nothing coming between her and her love for beans. That’s understandable. Aisha is always looking for her charger head or water bottle. She usually finds it somewhere she safely kept it, 10mins after announcing on slack. She’ll then go ahead to thank everyone for indulging her. πŸ˜‚

You’re looking for someone to keep you engaged? Just ask Rahman about Biggie’s date of birth, I guarantee you at least 2 good hours of the life and times of Biggie and 2Pac.

If you want to tension Cowrywise tech bros, just open your mouth and utter these 3 words ”Are we live”? Watch Festus’ face when he screams “bruhhh!”

Faith is always taking calls, making  voice notes, attending meetings, or something. Man’s always on the move. He usually eats any of the food left after everyone has picked their choice. So considerate.

Speaking of food, to Afoo, rice and stew, noodles or spaghetti should never be part of the menu. Just give him his swallow and soup. He’s a very simple person.

I’m sure Blessing is laughing at Afoo right now. Rumour has it that, not too long ago, she brought palm oil and salt to the office to eat yam whenever the food vendor brought yam and egg. Oh, and if you see any moi moi or eko elewe in the fridge, it’s hers. Please and thanks.

There’s someone always tagging their food. They even leave a threatening note. Don’t look at me like that Mobolaji, I didn’t call your name πŸŒš

Generally, humans of Cowrywise are a wonderful bunch. They make work interesting to come to on a daily basis, but recently things have started to feel different.

T and I have a connection, but we’re colleagues.

We always talk about it and how it may affect us both. I’m of the opinion that we can make it work because all it takes is discipline and boundaries. That’s my forte. We can have different remote days, and only see each other outside of work and working hours. We’re not even on the same team, so it’s a lot easier.

T doesn’t think so. As far as T is concerned, there needs to be a clear line drawn between work and romance. The fact that we both work at Cowrywise blurs that line and makes T uneasy. It’s the valid reason I hated to hear, but it doesn’t make it less understandable.

Now I’m stuck in this dilemma, and I’m wondering what you guys think. Have you ever found love in the workplace? How did you handle it? Did it end in tears? Please tell me πŸ₯Ί

I’m getting emotional as I type the next line, because it’s the last time I’d be typing it in this series. Phewww.

Talk tomorrow.

Ope πŸ’™

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