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Entry 19: Send Me The Location

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I’m often shaded for writing really long articles and I am amazed at how I’ve been able to keep it short for this many days.

I’m not sure today’s gist will be short though, but let’s see how it goes.

So, before we talk about T, let me come clean on the burden it is that I am “Ope from Cowrywise”.

Before, I just used to live my life oh, but since I added Cowrywise to my surname, things have really changed – for the better – thankfully! 🌚 

I legit will be about to spend money on something unimportant, and I will just hear “Woo, Ope from Cowrywise will not be proud of this behaviour.” Such pressure! With the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the FinTech space, I have become much stricter on myself when it comes to my money habits.

For example, I already have an Emergency plan in place oh, but a few days ago, “Ope from Cowrywise” (the one constantly talking in my head) started to tell me that I needed to increase how much I put into it every month. I had already learnt my lesson from the last time, but yeah.

So, you guys, It’s not only you “Ope from Cowrywise” is stalking.

My sibling said that since I added Cowrywise to my surname, I’m always asking everybody “Want or Need?” whenever they tell me they want to make a purchase. That I should “carry myself and be going with all my financial advice.” LOL!

If that’s how I come across to you too, I apologize, but I can’t help myself.

That said. Let’s get back to why I’ve been feeling the need to increase my Emergency Funds. A few weeks back, I needed to urgently purchase a critical item, and if not for my Emergency Fund, I would have been stranded.

Imagine “Ope from Cowrywise” in the mud, that’s what the situation would have been.

Days later, I refunded what I had taken out of my Emergency Fund and that’s why I’ve been thinking about increasing how much I save in it every month.

First, I can actually afford to increase the monthly savings in my Emergency Fund, so this isn’t a case of me being pressured. Second, if anything else suddenly happens that would cost me plenty money, I want to be VERY prepared. I like my debt-free life and would not want to take a loan to pay for an emergency. I’m one of those who can’t sleep well at night if I’m owing anyone…

Ahh, break in transmission!!! (Why am I shouting? lmao 🙃)

I just got a text from T a few minutes ago asking if I wanted to hang out at one of my favourite spots today. But wait, how did T know about this place? I don’t remember ever mentioning it. Maybe T has been stalking me and wants us to start creating memories together 😌. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence, and we happen to like this same place.

Mahn, please pray for me. If at some point, T ghosts me or breaks my heart, I don’t know what I’ll do. Or should I just bring the strictness in my financial life into my love life?

I dread heart break 😩

Okay, Okay, Let me stop thinking of the worst-case scenario. I’ll just let myself enjoy what T and I are currently building. No need to overanalyze for now.

Or what do you think?
Should I let it flow or padlock my heart sharp sharp?

Tell me, so I’d have people to hold responsible if things go south lol. Just kidding though.
Ohh, and what are your favourite hang out spots in Lagos? Share with me, please 😌

I’ve got to go now and get ready 🥰

Talk tomorrow.

Ope 💙

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