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The CEO Ate My Cookies: 100 Days in Cowrywise

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A lot of things are forgivable. Even more are forgettable. But this one? This one is not. 

While we mourn the loss of my Fox’s chocolate chip cookies, let me tell you a story. Mid February this year, I joined the team at Cowrywise creating content to build community and drive growth.

Looking outside in, Cowrywise seemed like a “human” place to work, and it didn’t take long to confirm that. 14 days after I physically resumed at the office, I was munching on a pack of cookies while working on my laptop. I left the desk for what I thought was two seconds, and what I came back to redefined the last 100 days for me.

Razaq Ahmed was holding the empty pack in his hands with a grin on his face and said, “Ohh was this yours?”

I’m not sure what shocked me more: the empty pack in the CEO’s hands, or the fact that he said “was” in past tense.

This event took me back a few years to scenes from my childhood. And suddenly, what was supposed to be a formal, typically uptight office space felt like home. I may have expected that from a fellow employee, but nothing prepared me for this. 

Apart from the amazing work we do on the Growth team at Cowrywise – which is an inexhaustible list, my favorite thing about being here is the people. The culture is a never-before-seen mix of humanity and drive. 

The first name basis. The empathy. The youthfulness. The willingness to teach and to learn. I’m convinced that being here is one of the best decisions of my 20’s. Well, second-best; right after forgiving Razaq for happily munching on my cookies without a single care in the world.

It has been 100 days in Cowrywise. Late pizza and ice cream nights. Running to the kitchen for pasta at the “food is here” slack notification. All-you-can-eat hangouts with Edward Popoola – our enjoyment minister. 

The CEO ate my Fox’s chocolate chip cookies. There’s no power play. Everyone is human, free, but responsible. Just like wealth, access is democratized. It feels like home all over again.

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