How to keep your account safe on Cowrywise.

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Generally, keeping your online accounts safe should be a top priority for you. Almost weekly, there’s news of digital fraud, data breaches, email hacks and every other security compromise which usually leads to loss of information and granting unwanted access to your personal accounts online. Thus, it is important that you learn how to keep your account safe on Cowrywise.

Be assured that we have created important constraints to ensure your account is properly protected. However, there are steps you also need to take to ensure your account remains as secure as possible.

In this article, you will read through seven important things you need to put in check to keep your Cowrywise account safe. 

Provide an accurate profile information

Sometimes, it feels fun to use your nickname as your registered name or use a witty picture as your profile picture. This simply is not a proper security measure. Imagine if nothing strongly connects you to your Cowrywise account when you need a quick verification. 👀 

At all times, ensure your information is accurate. Use your official name, active email address and phone number, your recent picture, correct date of birth and other important information.

That way, it’s super easy to associate your account with you. 🤗

Protect your registered email account.

When someone has access to your email account, they may easily have access to all accounts linked to your email. This is why it’s important to keep your email account properly guarded against security risks. Check out ways to protect your email account and follow them closely. We highly recommend that your email has 2FA setup as well, for an extra layer of safety.

If you suspect any email compromise, you can quickly disable your account temporarily, then reach out to our support team for further help. Your email account is a major entry point to your account, protect it.

Keep two-factor authentication (2FA) active.

2FA on Cowrywise is an extra layer of protection for your account, shielding your account from unauthorised access. The Cowrywise app makes use of a third-party service provider for verification; you can use an authenticator app of your choice.

While setting up your 2FA, we require you to set security questions — and it is important that you’re intentional about that. Set up security questions that you can easily remember, but other people can’t easily figure out.

Keeping it on ensures that any transaction can’t be successfully made without you authorising it on your Authenticator app, even if your password and pin get compromised. 

Choose a complex, yet easy-to-remember password and pin.

On Cowrywise, your password is the gateway to get access to your account, while your pin is needed to approve transactions. It is very important to choose passwords that are not easy to guess but that you can easily remember. We recommend that your password includes:

  1. Numbers
  2. Symbols
  3. Uppercase and lowercase letters

Ensure that your password is not an obvious dictionary word, or a term everyone around you is familiar with. Cowrywise PIN includes just numbers, so choose wisely. 😉

Use your personal BVN.

Your BVN is required on Cowrywise because it helps us identify you by your name, phone number and date of birth, and to verify you as well.

Use your own personal BVN, and not any other person’s BVN. This is a required safety feature as you are only able to move funds to accounts linked to the BVN registered to your account. It’s quite easy to add your BVN on Cowrywise and you can always reach out to our support team if you encounter any difficulty.

Hide your balance when necessary.

We recently added the feature that allows you to hide your balance on Cowrywise. This enables you to conceal your Cowrywise balance from others when you deem fit. It’s either you want to make a transaction in a public space, or to explain a process to someone, etc.

Just tap the icon to hide your balance when necessary, and voilà! Ensure to use this whenever there is a need to.

Keep all your devices safe at all times.

Ask yourself. How many passwords do you have saved on your Google account, Samsung account, iCloud, etc? It’s super easy to have all your passwords save on the cloud, which are in turn, very easy to locate on your devices. This explains why it is very important to keep your mobile and desktop devices thoroughly protected at all times.

If your device that contains your sensitive information gets missing or anyone has unauthorized access to it, kindly reach out to us immediately.

Mastering how to keep your account safe on Cowrywise should be a priority! If there’s any step you’re missing out of the listed ones here, review them immediately and make the safest choices.

Never forget to temporarily disable your account if you suspect any unauthorised access to your account and reach out to our support team right away. We’re always willing to help. 💙


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