Cowrywise Customer Care: Best Ways to Contact Cowrywise Support Team.

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Do you need to reach out to the Cowrywise customer support team? Then you’re in luck! Cowrywise has one of the most active support teams and the team is always ready to answer all the questions you may have. Cowrywise customer care is available to help you across all online and offline channels; this article highlights all official platforms available to reach out to the Cowrywise team.

However, before you reach out to the support team, we have curated an updated list of questions you may have about Cowrywise’s services. Click here to check it out, you’d be surprised that you may find answers to your questions within a few seconds. But if you need answers to specific questions, then check out this article and reach out to us through your most preferred channel. We are always happy to help. 🤗

Contact Cowrywise on Twitter

Reach Out to Cowrywise on Instagram

Chat with Cowrywise Support on Cowrywise App

Contact Cowrywise Support on Telegram

Chat with Cowrywise Support on Whatsapp

Contact Cowrywise Support on Facebook

Connect with Cowrywise on LinkedIn

Call or Send a Mail to Cowrywise.

Contact Cowrywise on Twitter

On Twitter, we share relevant information about our products, give updates and even share our opinion on relevant trends from time to time. Also, you can join our spaces and get a chance to share your thoughts on related topics being discussed. And yes, our support team attends to all direct messages sent on Twitter within record time.

Our official Twitter handle is @cowrywise (with the blue tick). Click here to send us a message, follow and turn on notifications to ensure you do not miss out on important updates and fun conversations from us.

Cowrywise Twitter header

Contact Cowrywise on Instagram

Do you love Instagram? We do too. 😊 This is why we put effort daily into ensuring our Instagram content educates our customers and entertains them at the same time. We share carousels, reels, regular posts, videos and update our stories with relevant content. You will definitely love it!

In addition, the Cowrywise customer care team remains active on Instagram as well to help resolve all the challenges you may have. Simply click to check us out on Instagram and send a DM right away. Our official IG handle is @cowrywise. You will love every piece of content that goes up there, they will make you laugh and make you money-wise at the same time.

Cowrywise Instagram header

Chat with Cowrywise Support on Cowrywise App

Do you know you can reach out to our support team right within the app? There’s a chat section on the app that allows you to speak to our support team directly without leaving the app. It’s super easy to navigate, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open your app and click on your profile picture.
  2. Click on Chat
  3. Then click on “Send us a message” on the screen that opens up.
  4. And voilà! You’ll be in touch with our team.
Cowrywise App Interface

Contact Cowrywise Support on Telegram

We have a community of over 3,000 people on our active Telegram group. You can either subscribe to our Telegram channel or join the Telegram group; they are both interconnected. However, be assured that you won’t only be getting the latest updates from the team, you will be connecting with a pool of customers like you, actively joining in conversations and have an opportunity to send direct messages to our team as well to address your complaints.

This community is a vibrant community, and you would be glad you joined in.

Click here to join the Telegram group
Click here to join the Telegram channel

Chat with Cowrywise Support on Whatsapp

Everybody is on Whatsapp these days, and well, so are we! 🥰 You can chat with Cowrywise customer support team the same way you would chat with your friends. 

Also, you should save our number, so you can have access to our stories and regular updates from Ope. 

Click here to chat on Whatsapp right away.

Contact Cowrywise Support on Facebook

When we say we’re everywhere you are, we mean it. We want you to find us easily, so we made it to Facebook as well. You’ll find interesting updates on our Facebook page and also find our support team ready to attend to your needs.

Visit @cowrywise on Facebook or click here to find us on Facebook right away.

Cowrywise Facebook header

Connect with Cowrywise on LinkedIn

We share fabulous stories about our work culture on LinkedIn. We are not your usual kind of company and you should follow us to confirm that. 😉

On LinkedIn, you can’t send messages as the platform doesn’t provide an option to message a business. However, you can check us out and even connect with Cowrywise talents. 

Click here to check us out on Linkedin

Call or Send a Mail to Cowrywise.

Would you prefer to send an email or speak directly with the team via voice call? Then call us on O700 COWRYWISE (i.e 0700 269 499 473). You can also send an email to support@cowrywise.com. Our team is always ready to help.

Important Notice:

Please note that every financial transaction happens on the Cowrywise app. At no point will any Cowrywise customer care staff send you a direct account number to make payments to. If you notice any suspicious activity from anyone claiming to be a staff member, please contact us on any of these official channels immediately.


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