5 Ways To Verify Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

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We live in a beautiful world where almost everything can happen with just a click, including the loss of cash to false investment opportunities in Nigeria. Not so beautiful, right? So, in this article, we’ll share surefire tips on picking the right investment opportunities in a world like ours. We promise it won’t be a long article.

1. Clear Communication About The Investment Option

If you cannot communicate how the investments earn, easily, to someone else that might be a red flag. A number of investment options pop up every day without verifiable earning processes and even go further, sometimes, to promise higher returns. For a start, we always advise that you refer back to this evergreen piece of advice: “Don’t invest in what you don’t understand”. How does the investment option earn returns? Is the process sustainable? These questions must be properly answered.

2. Is Participation Strictly Driven by Referrals?

If the only way to participate is through referrals, the devil most likely has a hand in the game. And you know what they say about dining with the devil, right? Well, we’ll advise you don’t even use a long spoon in this case. Reject the invite!

This is quite different from verified private investment circles that have limited slots and sometimes require existing members to invite new members. An investment option that thrives on referrals, more often than not, is paying investors from the funds of other investors and is making no actual returns.

3. Is the Investment Platform Regulated?

If the investment firm does not have a verifiable website, address, or registration details, and is not associated with any regulatory body such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) you should avoid them. Cowrywise, for instance, is duly registered with a physical address and has a trustee partnership with Meristem Trustees (regulated by the SEC).

Did you know Cowrywise was the first fintech in Nigeria to employ the trustee structure? Read more about our security structure.

4. Guaranteed Paybacks? A Red Flag!

In a world where nothing is assured, you should be wary of firms that promise guaranteed paybacks if things go south. It is almost impossible to promise returns in the investment space talk less of guaranteeing a payback. Legitimate investment platforms inform you of possible losses and provide advice on how to mitigate risks.

5. Double-Digit Returns in a Month?

Does 10% monthly ring a bell? How about 30% monthly? Any investment platform that assures you of double-digit monthly returns is an outright scam. If it were true, the founders will be part of the top richest beings in the world. The race of wealth building is a marathon that makes sense out of moderate interest rates.

If you are in search of secure savings plans and investment options, you can check out our investment plans. As long as you think of investment opportunities in Nigeria, there’s a safe Cowrywise plan for you.


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